Bull Pizzles


100% Natural New Zealand Beef


Bull Pizzles are a dense chew that's long lasting and excellent for your dog's teeth while being low in fat and high in protein.

Bull Pizzles are easily digestible, which means that they break down easily in your dog’s stomach. They also don’t splinter so you don’t have to worry about broken off pieces.
In addition to their high digestibility, bull chews are a tasty, single-ingredient treat from high-protein beef muscle.

  • 3 pieces at 15cm
  • 8 pieces at 15cm

Overseas often referred to as BULLY STICKS.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kris Bellam

These are great and lasts for ages and obviously taste pretty good if your a dog :). Harvee will eat his pizzle all up as well as play with it while eating/ chewing on it. Nice to be able to offer something different than just another bone, great value for money.

Thanks for this review, Kris! The Bull Pizzles sure are an amazing find! <3

Charmaine Ellery
A great treat

Harper just loves these treats her tail doesn’t stop wagging and they last long .

That's so great that we have found a long-lasting tail wagger for Harper! :)

Andrea Musgrave
Best ever

Luna loves these, she's a big chewer and these last the longest. Also, the price is cheaper than elsewhere :)

These were a true find on our end as well. It's great Luna loves them just as much as our guys! And we do try to keep the costs as low as we can, so thanks for noticing. :)

Natalie Picton
Long lasting

Great treat, takes a while for them to chew through them!

Thanks for the review. They truly are quite long lasting. :)

Erin Jones
A favourite long lasting chew

These are worth every penny! Chewing is such a great stress reliever and promotes calm behaviour. The best thing about these are that they are long lasting, even for the most intense chewers! Plus they are safe/soft enough that there isn't the same risk of a slab tooth fracture that some harder chews have.

Erin, thanks for taking the time to review. We sure know the Pizzles are one of yours and Juno's favs! :D