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Easy Squeezy PB


It would be rude not to give your pup a taste right?

Dogs delight in Peanut Butter - it’s natural and tasty. And now it’s even easier to treat your dog to peanut butter with MuttButter's Easy Squeezy Pouch. It's a no-mess, no-fuss way to fill dog chew toys, lick pads, or if you’re out and about, let them lick a squeeze right from the spout! 

Dogs have always loved peanut butter, that nutty flavour, and a sticky, licky taste that keeps them coming back for more.

Mutt Butter is the perfect base layer for all of your enrichment toys! Use it as a super sticky coating that will stick to other bits of food as well as the toys and will keep your pups busy for a WHILE!

The convenient, pocket friendly, super easy, mess-free pouch of Squeezy Mutt Butter means there's a lot less admin when feeding your pup some peanut butter -  no spoons required 🥄.

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural, Dry Roasted Peanuts 🥜 - no hidden nasties
  • 250g pouch 

Don't overfeed Peanut Butter: Give up to ½ TBSP for small dogs or up to 1 TBSP for medium to large dogs 1-2 times daily.

Training Tip: Besides using the Squeezy Pouch simply to carry a high value reward, you can also use it to leave situations. While there is no substitute for quality training and behaviour modification there are a lot of management strategies to manage or overcome unexpected situations when they occur so your dog isn’t practicing unwanted behaviours. That's where a Squeezy Pouch comes in handy as a treat magnet. You can plant the treat magnet right on your dog’s nose (like their nose is stuck to a magnet!) with a constant stream of food to lick and then you’re able to use this to lure and move your dog in a different direction or turn them around.

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Jan Heath
Mutt butter

Chico loves this in his kong with some dried meat

Yum, that sounds perfect. And maybe even frozen. :)