CycleDog High Roller Glow

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A unique shape for erratic bounce


Cycle Dog High Roller Ball is a durable rubber dog toy that’s made of eco-friendly materials. It seems to have it all - the full package is a ball that is made of recycled materials, bounces erratically, has a tough squeaker moulded inside, floats on the water and then to top it off even glows in the dark!

Key features:

  • Glows in the dark – no batteries required, just leave in the sun to recharge
  • Ecolast Post-Consumer Recycled Material
  • Erratic Bounce – the unique shape makes it more fun
  • ToughSqueak Internal Squeaker – internal molded for extra durability
  • SuperFloat Water Toy – floats above the water surface
  • Medium: 6.3cm, Large: 8.9cm



"You guys really have a great product. I wanted to mention too that it takes Grace at least 7 months to chew up the [High Roller] ball while the other ones she’s gotten take only about 1 month, if that. And, if she can’t find it we all have to stop what we’re doing to help her look for it until it’s found. She’s really obsessed but, in a good way :)" - Judy

"My dog Obie LOVES your High Roller Ball whether it’s hiking or playing at home, he’s never without it. It’s his favorite toy! He loves to catch it in midair, chew on it and make it squeak! Your high Roller Ball is HIGHLY recommended by Obie." - M. Luvr

Customer Reviews

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Liz Williams
Mellow Favourite Toy

Our 9 year old Dog Mellow just LOVES this toy the most. He will cry when another dog has a turn. and play an chew on this ball for ages. We have another ball from you but when thrown he will go for the High roller glow ball EVERYTIME. We need to buy another one so the other dogs can have a turn as this one is MELLOWS !!!! lol

That's awesome, and he can even find it in the dark - WIN WIN :)