GoughNuts Kup & Kanolli


Time for your dog to Go Nuts!


GoughNuts specialises in making durable dog toys for tough chewers that are safe and fun to play with.
Specifically for medium-sized dogs who are moderate chewers, this dog toy is engineer-designed and made from virtually indestructible material. Built for long-lasting use.
Comes with an extended 9 months One-Time Replacement Guarantee.

  • The cylindrical design allows you to stuff the toy with something yummy, creating a thought-provoking experience and encouraging your dog to work for their food.
  • Made in the USA using engineered carbon reinforcement for added durability.
  • Easy to clean, just use warm water to wipe GoughNuts clean after a long day of enriching fun.
  • Ideal for teething puppies and encouraging your dog’s natural chewing instinct.
  • Active chewing helps promote optimal canine oral health.

No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always supervise and remove if pieces would be chewed off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laura Mellor
Goughnuts kup and kanonoli

The kup has proven impossible for any of the dogs tried so far to get out the bottom bit if it's stuffed with food. The kannoli works great for stuffing and freezing. They have stood up well to the really tough chewers. My only problem is that the rubber smell is SO strong. Compared to a brand new kong they are much smellier, my whole house smelled of rubber, my freezer smelled of rubber and the dogs smelled of rubber after chewing. So for this reason I find them no good for an inside toy, although hoping over time the smell fades!

Thanks for the review. It is natural rubber so it does make sense that it would smell a bit, but it also should diminish over time. Try popping a few dry bits in the bottom of the toy before adding your meat and spreads to make it easier to empty the whole Kup. :)

Dhyana Diekmann
Goughnuts is great for a collie🙂

My 9 months Collie Jimi can a lot of things but not Goughnuts .Thank you .
He loves them .

Nice, that's so great. Thanks for the review! <3