Julius K9 Ball with String


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Julius K9 IDC® Ball with String


A ball is the most popular dog toy and training equipment, so it should be well designed in first class quality. Since playing fetch is not always healthy, a ball on a rope is the perfect replacement to get some tugging and training in between throws.

The neon colored IDC® fluorescent ball is made of silicon, and it is a perfect motivation toy for puppies and adult dogs as well. Because of its special angular shape, it perfectly imitates the unpredictable moves of escaping prey. You can hide treats inside the ball, and provide an endless amount of fun to your dog while playing.

​The closable handle protects the dog from injuries that can be caused by the loop, if the dog were to step in it.

Available in one size: 60mm.

Note: String handle colour/pattern may vary.

It's only the ball that's intended for dog teeth and the handle is for humans to hold on to, therefore the toy will likely not last long if left for the dog to play on their own or tugged between two dogs. It's a tug toy for dog-human play.

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Great toy

This is Marleys favorite toy by far! It is his second one as he does love to chew the cord. It's a toy he loves playing tug with me but I think he enjoys playing with it by himself even more - see the video (if it uploads)!!! It is hilarious to watch and I am a tad concerned my dog is broken. Regardless this toy is worth every cent and I will purchase again when this one inevitably breaks.

Hahaaa, that IS a bit cute to watch and it did start off with a slightly broken looking dog :D
Thanks so much for sharing, adorable! <3
I wondered when watching how he played with it if he would also be a fan of our Springies.

Dozza Thomas
It was good while it lasted

Hi, my name is Dozza and I’m 3 years old. My mum says I’m part Shar-Pei part Staffy and part Velociraptor. Mum says that this toy is really cool but it’s not designed for Velociraptors like me. She says that no one has designed a toy that I can’t destroy cause that seems to be my mission is life 😂

Hey Dozza, Looks like the ball is still all good but yes, the string does not withstand chewing. If you guys are looking for an indestructible tug toy, check out the GoughNuts Tug. Velociraptor Challenge accepted! :)