High Value Treats

It is up to our dogs to decide if something is an actual reward or not!

So, you have to know your dog and see if they’re working "enthusiastically" or not for a toy or treat. If they’re distracted, sniffing around, taking the treat without really paying attention to you and going back to their business it means that the value of the treat is not high enough. Don’t worry, we got you covered. :)

Remember treats should be cut/broken up into pea sized pieces and you want to avoid highly processed supermarket treats. Dogs and cats are carnivores and thrive on meat, not allergy inducing, low cost fillers such as grains, corn, potatoes, wheat & rice.

All our treats are NATURAL, NEW ZEALAND MADE, clean to handle, come in small sizes and are easily broken up into even smaller pieces, perfect for training as they are very high value and therefore highly motivating. No grains, top quality animal protein and a multitude of natural vitamins and minerals.
ZIWI Peak Original 454g
From $33.00
Venison Heart
From $15.00
Venison Muesli
Venison Lung
Pet Bakery Treats
$24.00 $30.00
WOOF Freeze Dried Treats
From $10.50
NeverBore Bundle
From $76.00 $86.00
WOOF Specialty Treats
From $11.50
Lamb Tripe
WOOF Air Dried Treats
From $14.00
ZIWI Provenance 900g
From $58.00
GourMate Mussels
Beef & Cheese
Lamb & Cheese
GourMate Salmon
Pupscription Card
$45.00 $50.00
Goat Lung
GourMate Hoki
GourMate Calamari