About Us

Hey, welcome to Kiwi Canine! We're all about dogs and ethical choices and we are so happy you are here!

A heartfelt Welcome to our Kiwi Canine Store. So much love and consideration has gone into this venture and we hope that you can tell with each and every handpicked item in our store as well as with every email that you share with us.

Do you know the feeling of going to a pet store, in-person or online, and looking for an item, but being so overwhelmed by all the choices? When really you just wanted to know which one is the best for your best friend? Well, we remember the feeling very well and want to do better, much better in fact. :)

We only stock items that we have tested and know to be amazing. Some of them are made right here in Christchurch and a good variety of the enrichment toys even have a One Time Replacement Guarantee.

Because the only ethical way of living with our canine companions is by meeting their mental and physical needs without ever causing any harm, you will not find aversive training tools in our store, ever, guaranteed!

If it's not good enough for our own dogs, you won't find it in our store. If you want only the best, then please let us do the research for you. We are always adding more items - so keep an eye on 'What's New?'. Exciting!

All items are carefully curated by Lisa, our very own IAABC-CDBC (Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant) and CANZ-ABC (Animal Behaviour Consultant).


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