Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole FAQs

Flirt Pole Instructions


Safety Warnings & Tips

  • We recommend briefly walking your dog both before and after using a flirt pole to help prevent muscle strains.
  • Flirt Poles are powerful dog training devices and should be used responsibly. Never use for extended periods of time without letting your dog take breaks and drink water.
  • Causing any dog to jump can be hazardous; especially dogs under one year of age, whose bones are still growing.
  • Never use a flirt pole with dogs who have joint and/or hip problems.
  • We highly recommend only using the Flirt Pole outdoors on a grass or earth surface.
  • Wearing closed toe shoes is recommended if your dog has a tendency to run over your feet, with claws digging in.
  • Do not release your grip when your dog catches the lure.  Letting go while the bungee cord is stretched can result in the pole section flying towards your dog at a high rate of speed.
  • Never attach a hard or heavy lure to the bungee cord.  If your dog releases it with the cord stretched, you will have a dangerous projectile flying towards you.
  • The Flirt Pole is not designed to be used as a tug toy.
  • Never let your dog play with the Flirt Pole unsupervised. It will not survive as a chew toy. Always put it away after use.
  • Do not allow your dog to chew on the bungee cord.  Check cord frequently for damage and discontinue use if damage is found.
  • For best results, also use the Flirt Pole as a training tool. Train your dog to sit, lie down, and wait to go after the lure until you give the command to do so.
  • Let your dog briefly catch the lure every few minutes and give them praise when they catch it, but then make them release the lure and start over.
  • Not intended for use by children!

I keep getting slobbery lures flying back at me when my dog stretches the bungee and then lets go. What am I doing wrong?

A simple change in your technique will prevent any more slobbery lure incidents.

Will using a flirt pole increase my dog's prey drive and make them more aggressive?

A common belief about flirt poles is that they are used to increase prey drive or aggression. Based on our experience and the feedback we have received from customers, we think the opposite is true as long as our recommended technique  (as shown in the video above) is followed. Our opinion is that all dogs have a prey drive instinct, some much higher than others. We feel that similar to how exercise releases a dog's pent up energy and makes them more relaxed, working with a flirt pole releases a dog's pent up prey drive energy and makes them less aggressive towards animals they would normally consider prey. Every dog is unique and we can't make any guarantees in this regard, but we have yet to receive a complaint.

Can my dog get hurt playing with a Flirt Pole?

Any activity causing dogs to run, jump, or quickly change direction has the possibility of causing injury. However, when the instructions are followed and the Flirt Pole is used responsibly, you keep the risk low. For anyone with concerns about flirt poles being too strenuous on high drive dogs, avoid jumping and quick changes in direction.

How well does it hold up to some tugging while playing? 

The flirt pole will hold up to some tugging while playing, though we recommend not using it specifically to play a game of tug.  The important thing is to make sure it is put out of reach after play time because it will become damaged quickly if left to be chewed.  Also, as a safety note, remember to be aware of how the pole is being held when your dog has the bungee cord stretched.  While the lure is soft and light, it still has the potential to come flying back to you if your dog lets go.