Harness Desensitisation

Is your dog not yet used to putting on a harness?


It is normal for a dog to be a bit vary of a new harness if either they have never had one or they have had negative experiences with an old one. Oftentimes dogs find it very intimidating to get a harness put over their head or just in general have their guardians "manhandle" them while leaning over them. The good news is that the Perfect Fit is the harness that requires the least action from your dog while you put it on: they don't need to put their head or their paw through anything, you can just gently clip it around them.

Watch here how to desensitise your puppy to their harness.

Some of the most important things while harness training a dog that's scared of a harness are:

  1. Take it slowly
  2. Never push the harness toward your dog, always allow them to choose to move towards it
  3. Make it fun!
  4. Keep sessions short and regular (you can do this a few times per day!)

Make sure you are not forcing the harness on your dog for walks while training a good association with it, as this will undo all the progress you have made! When you HAVE to put the harness on, you could pop the dog on the table or in the car with a Snuffle Mat and a bunch of treat crumbs to put the harness on in the meantime. Do be sure to create a different setup, so you can pick your training up where you left it off.