Lead Biting

How to overcome Lead Biting Behaviour

  1. The easiest way to overcome this issue is by using a chain lead.
  2. Alternatively you could pop a small piece of pvc pipe around the leash on the bottom of it.
  3. The second helper will be to have puppy in a harness, firstly to take pressure off their throat, but also to take the lead out of their direct vision.
  4. Check what are the situations your dog is starting to bite the lead: Are they maybe getting overstimulated? Or stressed? Are you maybe tugging on the lead? Set them up for success.
  5. It is always helpful to practise at home first to have the pup on a lead. If pup starts playing with the leash drop it and walk away. You can pick it back up again once your pup is calm. Repeat a few times and end on success. Ensure to keep it fun to be on the leash and to follow you, have lots of treats, walk the pup to some things that are nice to sniff, engage with each other, reward good behaviours.
  6. If your dog is biting the lead because they like carrying something in their mouth, you can provide them with a soft rope tug to carry instead. You could tie a piece of rope or small leash to the toy so you can move it a little to get the pup focused on it instead of the leash and also so you don't have to pick it up all the time if they drop it.
  7. If your puppy bites the lead because they enjoy the tugging motion, you can have 2 leads attached to your pup and drop the one they are biting.
  8. If your pup bites the lead because the lead always means the fun is over, ensure that the fun isn't over when the lead comes on. Play some games and engage with each other. You could even do some games once home, so pup doesn't get upset on your way home as the walk is over.