MuttLuks Brand

Why MuttLuks?


MuttLuks was founded as a dog boot company in 1994. Original Fleece-Lined MuttlLuks were one of the first and only boots in the market at that time. As a company that specialises in dog boots, the performance and uniqueness of their dog boots is of prime importance. Unique features like attention to individual dew claw positions, “barefoot” comfort flexible soles, the critical importance of the length of the paw measurement, larger and smaller sizes than competing brands and eight models designed for unique paws and type of use are what have enabled MuttLuks to stand the test of time with the reputation as “The Boot that Works”.
Muttluks understands the uniqueness of your pet, your lifestyle and your dog boot needs. When it comes to dog boots, one size does not fit all and neither does one model.

MuttLuks made history on 9/11 when 850 sets of MuttLuks were the only product to cross the closed Canadian/US border. The shipment was police escorted to the border and arrived at Ground Zero in a record 10 hours ground delivery.

Why MuttLuks Dog Boots?

Unrivaled Durability

MuttLuks have withstood the test of time with a proven track record for durability. Boot models with durable rubber soles or legendary Canadian quality and care showcase the longstanding commitment to quality and paw protection that goes the distance.

Barefoot Technology

At MuttLuks, paw comfort is paramount. Models with rubber “mutt motion” flexible soles, treated leather soles or flexible vinyl soles adapt to unique paw shapes and movement and create a barefoot comfort experience for your dog. MuttLuks is where comfort meets the joy of exploration. Say goodbye to restrictive boots and hello to pawsome comfort and flexibility!

Waterproof Wonder

Performance meets Nature’s challenges. Rain or shine, MuttLuks boots have your dog covered. Choose from boots ranging from highly water resistant to water proof, windproof and breathable upper fabric. Venture through rain-soaked trails, snowy landscapes, or muddy adventures with confidence, knowing your best friend's paws are protected.

Lovingly Made in Canada

As truly Canadian as maple syrup, Original Fleece-Lined MuttLuks have been lovingly made in Canada since 1994. MuttLuks commitment to legendary Canadian quality and care is woven into every product, from MuTTuqes to boots. Trust the craftsmanship and expertise that has stood the test of time.

Treated Leather

MuttLuks boot models with treated leather soles are made to withstand exposure to the water and snow and everything in between. Treated leather increases the lifespan and waterproof qualities of the leather. Leather soles also provide flexibility that adapts to individual paw shape and movement. The result is “barefoot” comfort that's “pawsitively” durable and comfortable.

Easy On Dew Claw Double Wrap Fastening

MuttLuks understand the individuality of dogs and dog paws. Boot models with adjustable high or low fastening strap positions, ensure a snug and secure fit while accommodating individual dew claw positions. Experience tailored comfort fit dog boots with Mud Monsters and Snow Mushers.

Safety First

Enhance visibility and safety during nighttime adventures with MuttLuks’ models that feature reflective accents. Enjoy peace of mind in low-light conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

MuttLuks Deluxe, Original Fleece-Lined MuttLuks, and Original All-Weather MuttLuks feature state-of-the-art Omnidegradable® plastic packaging, which biodegrades naturally in soil or water through microbial action. Join MuttLuks on the journey of minimising the carbon pawprint.

Embark on a Tailored Fit Adventure

Big or small, MuttLuks has boots for them all. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes every dog deserves unmatched durability, comfort and style.
Their commitment to inclusivity and individuality means they provide sizes that cater to the smallest and largest of breeds. Stepping well beyond the size range found in competitive brands in the market.


MuttLuks was founded on the belief that being a good human being and living in harmony with Nature is a noble purpose we all share. This brand is legendary for their quality and selection of dog boots and their goal is to make a world of difference for dogs and the planet; Step by step...Paw by paw..

"DOGS MEAN THE WORLD TO US: We understand that your dog is family and means the world to you, that they go where you go, that their standards are your standards."

A Stately Gift
Muttluks were gifted by Prime Minister Trudeau to the Obama First Dogs in March 2016.