Retractable Leashes

Why we don't sell Retractable Leads


Dog owners often choose retractable leads thinking they will give their dogs extra freedom to explore on walks. While that is the case they are not a great choice:

  • They are easy to drop as the handle is heavy and doesn't wrap around the wrist.
  • Too often, that cord can snap from a powerful pull which can cause harm to the dog and the human. While any lead or long line can also get some wear and tear, you can spot weaknesses easily as they are not hidden in the handle’s casing.
  • A retractable leash can extend dangerously quickly, causing harm to the dog that got huge momentum before reaching the end of the line and to their human who can be thrown of their feet.
  • The thin cord is dangerous for your hands or legs and your dog's legs and tail as it can easily cut and burn.
  • By their nature, retractable leashes teach dogs to pull because pulling extends the lead.
  • They make it hard to bring a situation under control as you can't get to your dog when they are pulling without them getting further away from you.