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Magic Destuffer
Sarah Hartstone
Chewed it apart in a day

My 9 month old collie loves this but unfortunately chewed it to boys within a day

Hi Sarah, Thanks for the feedback, hopefully it will help others get more time out of this toy which is not intended for chewing. Like all toys, be sure to supervise and especially on the first few uses remove once the intended fun is over, in this case once destuffed either remove or restuff. :)
Maybe try our toys that are intended for chewing for tough chewers, there's a list here:

Dog Bike Attachment
Tracey Macneil
Amazing Invention

We have a 8 month old Huntaway x Heading. She has a tonne of energy and sometimes needs more than just a walk. This way she can jog alongside my husband on his bike rides. She took to it really well can is keen to go for a "ride" when the husband hooks this up to his bike.

Yay, that's great, thanks so much for the review and photo! :)
Just remember that her growth plates aren't fully closed yet at 8 months, so take it easy (slow and short distances) and give her lots of breaks.
Ha, you should see the happiness in our house as well when the bike attachment comes out, definitely an amazing invention!

Perfect quick snack

We love giving our dogs Venison chews or Bull Pizzles, but sometimes you really just want to give them a wee snack, smaller than the usual chews, but still better than "just" a treat. That's where the Nachos come in, we think they are awesome price value as well!

Nice one! That's a great way of using these wee snacks! :)

Great new toy!

Bazz really enjoys the magic destuffer - as long as there are treats inside!

Cute! Very strategic destuffing right here. :D

Magic destiffer

Excellent toy, my dog loves it

Awesome, happy stuffing! :)

Bull Pizzles
Julie S
The king of chews

Pup absolutely LOVES these. I can get two or three days out of one pizzle (I sometimes pick it up and save in sandwich bag in fridge for later so I don't have pizzle lying around on the floor:)

Isn't that just amazing how long they last!? Thanks so much for the review! :)


Pup loves these and will chew for a couple of hours on them happily.

Nice one! With our guys they're gone fairly quick, but we can get a couple of hours as well when in a Qwizl. Chewtastic indeed! :D

Snuffle Ball
Julie S
Keeps pup busy

Took my pup a little while to catch on, but now the snuffle ball will keep him amused for ages and he loves batting it around searching for treats.

Yeah, it's certainly a bit more advanced, but oh, so much fun! <3


Best harnesses we have ever bought for our 2 dogs. Both fit very well, are so easy to put on and adjust and the customer service was outstanding! Thank you!

Oh, how majestic! <3 Thanks so much for the lovely review, we really appreciate it! :)

Best invention ever!

We have always wanted to be able to cycle with our dogs but they get distracted quite easily and pull so this was not a safe possiblity before. I bought one of these bike attachments to test out and it is the most amazing thing ever! Both our dogs are medium/large and this is a sturdy piece of equipment that I trust. We bought a second one because we were so impressed and now our dogs are getting plenty of exercise with us :) it's so much fun!

Ha! We so agree! Thanks so much for the review, keep enjoying your adventures together! <3

Annie Goomes
Nice product

Nice product for my sensitive wee man. He smells great and I like that I'm supporting two Christchurch businesses and not buying a plastic bottle.

All the right reasons. Thanks so much for the review and your continued support! <3

Gus' fav

These are Gus' favourite chews and last him a good 20 mins. The place I get his raw food from recommended them for his teeth and they make such a difference that I've decided to make them a staple.

Gussy's toothbrush, nice! :) He looks like he's enjoying himself for sure!

WestPaw Zwig
Annie Goomes
The Best Fun!

Lucy Loves her new toy. So satisfying to chew (the air being squeezed out of the end when they bite down makes a super squish sound/feel they they can't seem to resist) and aaaallll the dogs wanted it when it was unwrapped by the Lucky Lucy on Christmas day.

Ha! Our Staffy X loves exactly that squish feel as well, he lays there for hours just releasing the air :D

WestPaw Toppl
Annie Goomes
Dinner is soooo much more fun in a Toppl!

Gus and Lucy both love their Toppls (small one for Gus and big one for Lucy). They get their meals frozen in them and are content for 20 mins or longer then Lucy likes to throw hers around. Apparently it bounces funny.

Yay, how cute is that video!? Love that you are freezing them, you could for Lucy even up the challenge by freezing the small one into the big one. Fun!

Venison Heart
Marion Robson

My dog goes giddy with these, absolutely loves them and does a little dance when he earns one

Haha, it's also the true high value reward in our house. Would love to see the dance! <3

Venison Muesli
Marion Robson

An effective treat for a tiny mouth, great for training

Yes, a wee crunchy snack, we love these too!


I had difficulties finding treats that my puppy liked enough to train him - but no more! He absolutely loves these

Well, that is great news indeed! So glad your pup likes these after you tried so many from elsewhere. Thanks for the review :)

PlanetDog Squeaker
Natalie Usmar
Planet Dog Squeaky Ball

Great ball which Lily really loves! The squeak makes it exciting as it bounces and she can make it squeak when chomping on it. Also very tough and the squeak can't be 'killed'. One of her most favourite toys.

Yippie, I'd love to see your wee (yeah right :D) girl chomp on the Squeaker, videos always welcome ;)

Magic Destuffer
Sue Diggle
Amused my rotti for ages

She took as long to empty it as it took to stuff it , which is why the video is so long Ruby loves it

She is so cute with it. Thanks so much for the video! :)

Golden Tendons
Kelly oshea
Tastie chew

Theses chews are by far my favorite treat for teenage doggie! I love that they don't have a smell :) I'm so please you stock these.

They are a go-to for us as well. Perfect when you want to give the pup an extra special wee treat that's still not too fatty. :)

Venison Muesli
Kelly oshea

A great training treat - no fussing around with breaking up, we grab and go!!

Awesome, thanks so much for the review. The dogs sure like the crunch as well. :)

Liker Ball

No good for our puppy at this stage. She grabs the string and the ball becomes a weapon. She will hurt herself with it. Like a hammer throw. Maybe later in life!

Oh my, make sure to use it for tug play only, so you can hold on to the string, but as you say: maybe toy and pup aren't the best match in this case. :)

Adaptil Collars
Karen Lawton
Adaptil Collar

Important to put it ton tight but not too tight - can be tricky to get it right. Puppy got the collar off twice and scarpered with it.
Has it made a difference? Who knows, we don't have a "control puppy" to compare her to.
Will stick with it on faith alone.

Thanks for the review Karen. Science tells us Adaptil makes a difference, so it's great you are trusting in it. Pup will be better off for it :)

Venison Nachos
Sherilyn Hinton
Tasty longer lasting treats

These are great as the dogs love them & it keeps them busy/quiet for at least 5 minutes! 😂😂

You could make a mexican fiesta with mockamole (pees), yoghurt, chicken, capsicum, cheese. :D We might give that a go!

Magic Destuffer
Sherilyn Hinton
Great dog toy

Fantastic dog toy, keeps them entertained for quite some time, particularly when also stuffed with a few doggo treats

Yay, such a hit indeed. Thanks so much for the review <3