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In a spin

This has worked better for our young heeler than some of the other treat dispenser type toys. He needed some encouragement initially, to push it, flip it and so on, but quickly got into it. We put it away between play sessions, to try and retain some of its novelty value and also because he would have just used it for chewing if it was out all the time.
Can be a bit messy, if the treat pieces are too small and Freddy gets excited chasing it , treats being scattered all over the tiles and forgotten. So treat size is important, you want them to come out as the dog plays, not too easily, but easy enough for them to notice them, eat them & to keep them interested.
I keep it in a bag, on the floor in the pantry, tucked under a shelf and Fred seeks it out himself, so I guess he rates it a good toy too.

Snuffle blanket

We’ve kept this as a special toy, bought out from time to time, rather than used on a daily basis, to keep it novel. Freddy, a 10 month old heeler, was a bit puzzled at first, but I put the treats in easier to find places, sat with him and encouraged him to search. He quickly got the idea and enjoys the mat.
Our young grandsons also enjoyed hiding his treats and watching him hunt for them, so an excellent toy, entertaining both the dog and children at the same time!


We bought the larger size. Freddy, our 10 month heeler, loves this toy and it is standing up to use well. He has become so good at pulling the strips out that we will attach a couple of strips to the ball’s divisions with a half hitch to slow him down, then stuff the ends into the ball.
Down side, the strips become quite slobbery not a problem for Freddy but a bit yuck for Mum when restuffing, especially if she’s busy doing something else….trying to cook etc but the strips wash well and dry quickly. He also likes to swing it round, carry it and chase it.
An excellent toy.

Dog Bike Attachment
Anton Perham
Great Product

My attachment arrived today and I had to try it out right away. Its amazing! I biked a few times with my dog, a border collie, with a hand lead and gave up as it was dangerous. It was impossible, she pulled and I struggled to keep the bike steady. This attachment is a game changer and now we can go biking together. My dog figured it out right away and she loved it. She jumped out and yanked once and I barely felt it. The bike stayed stable and we kept going. Quick and easy to assemble and made with sturdy materials.

Yay, so happy to hear you guys loved it as much as we do, it really is a gamer changer!
We'd love a photo or video if you fancy sharing. :)

Perfect Fit Harness
Lily Wheeler
Great harness!

Our big boy loves his new harness, he found other ones very uncomfortable and didn't enjoy putting his harness on. But now he is very comfortable and has no worries putting it on, the sheepskin is super comfy on him.

That's awesome it's working so well for Benji, the fleece is nice and soft indeed. :)

GoughNuts Rings
Deidre Jackson
Best chew toy ever

Our Nala chews through most things very quickly, but not this! Keeps her busy and is showing very little wear, many happy chewing days ahead!

Yay Nala, that's awesome. A great investment for her then. :)

GoughNuts Rings
Sam Bisley

Super impressed with the goughnut. Finally a toy that can withstand regular tough chewing.

Yay, glad it's working out well for your chewer! :)

Indestructable - but not satisfying....

This is an amazing product, tough, good size & well made. Mabel my dog took to it right away....and then.....when it wouldn't break up or fall apart - she wasn't that impressed. HOWEVER - as her other toys are getting ruined & chucked, there is less choice for her & she is having another "go" at the GoughNut. So not overly satisfying for her at this early stage - but VERY satisfying as an owner. I can see that in no time - this will be her only chewing toy remaining & it will last. Currently I use it as fetch play with her & she very happy - and it will become part of her routine in a short while I think. GREAT VALUE

Hopefully Mabel will get properly into it! <3

Great fit!

The team were great at guessing the fit from photos provided. I have previously had trouble finding the best fit for my Bichon frise as she's a smaller size. The returns and reviews process to get the best fit is excellent. Great service thank you.

Thanks for your kind words, Linda! We'd love to see Missy in her harness if you fancy sharing. :)

Custom Muzzle
Charlotte Rundgren
Excellent Quality Muzzle

I’ve looked for years for a well constructed biothane muzzle and I’m seriously impressed with my Kiwi Canine muzzle. The real plus for me was the ability for me to be able to adjust several points on the muzzle for a perfect fit. I’m going to be ordering more now I’ve seen how brilliant they are.

Yay Summer! She looks gorgeous in it too! <3

very happy

loved the durability of these feeders and the fact you can add different spinners to the top to make them more difficult or easy.

Awesome, so glad you love it. Feel free to share a video of your smart pup. <3

Mega Egg
Erica G.
My dog loves it!

It's great fun for the dog to play and for us to watch. Thanks team!

Yay, I bet it looks so much fun to watch. We'd love a video if you fancy sharing! :)

Perfect Fit Harness
madie macauley
Love it!

Absolutely love our new perfect fit harness. I have a big boy who pulls out of fear and I feel so much more safe and secure with the perfect fit harness over our old harness he could back out of! Highly recommend!

That's awesome! We love that Benji and you will have better walks because of it! :)

Puppy Tug Set
Glenn Shanks

Pup loves these…great toy

Yay, so glad you guys love them! <3

Chain Lead
Will Pascoe
Good quality and good price

Arrived quickly and I was surprised at how sturdy it was. I got the thicker diameter chain, and it is really thick. Either diameter would be good I think. I got mine for a Dobie puppy that bites his lead, and this has completely stopped that.

Thanks so much for the review, Will. Glad the lead is working well for your Dobie. :)

Long Lines
Brian McKay
Long line

This is a very good tool to train our dog. It gives her the ability to have some freedom whilst under effective control.
One downside is when dog runs you need to remember to let out the line so your fingers aren't squashed.

Awesome, glad you like it.
When using the long line we recommend using both hands to feed the spare bits in and out. I will email you a wee video. :)

Treat Pouch
Brian McKay
Treat pouch

It makes things so much more easier.

It does indeed aye? We never leave the house with the dogs without the pouch, all is in one place and easy reach. :)

Training Lead
Olivia OShea

This lead and harness system has really helped with training my pup with pulling on the lead. It's so versatile! The fitting was a great process and Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable. Love it!

Yay, so glad it's working for Finn.. Thanks for the lovely review! :)

Pouch is amazing with one exception

I use my treat pouch all the time. It holds extra chews for quiet down time on the go in the front compartment, as well as comfortably holding my phone securely in the zip pocket and the bag does not spill or close annoyingly while trying to use it. I have had compliments about it. I have bought this second one for a friend who admired the first one and was convinced once she realised that it would hold her phone which is larger than mine! I like how the inside can be cleared out by pulling out the flaps and tipping upside down.
My only issue is with the adjustment toggle/strap which I struggle to adjust quickly (eg. if need to wear over a winter coat on a walk then closer around my belt for indoor work).

So great you are getting so much use out of the treat pouch!
It's true that the belt isn't super quickly adjusted, but we found if it is easier adjustable it tends to widen while using which can get a bit annoying. We've had families that got a second belt, so the pouch could quickly be switched between the adults and kids. Maybe that's an option for the on top and under the jacket issue?


Puppy loves them! They are non-stinky and dry and provide plenty of much needed chewathon action for a growing hound. Be good if there was a larger pack size...

Awesome, I have just ordered in 15-packs, so won't be long until you can buy a larger pack size. Great feedback! :)

Best long line for home or professional use

This is the second longline I have purchased. I enjoyed using the first one for my puppy at home that I bought another for my work euqipment box. These longlines are comfortable to hold and if the dog pulls the material does not cut like some. The bright colours do make it visible, it is easily washed, quick drying and durable. I like the hand hold at the end which gives peace of mind and security without the use of knots or wrapping around a hand. Highly recommend.

Yay, that feedback means a lot, Cath! :) So glad you are enjoying our long lines, thank you!

Long Lines
Jody Smith
10 metre long line

Well made, sturdy. Our 4 month old border terrier is really enjoying the freedom to have a good sniff around, without learning it’s possible to run off!

So good! Setting the pup up for success and everyone is happy. :)

WestPaw Qwizl
Lisa Fawcett

A big hit, slows down consumption of tendon chews and pizzles, very sturdy and will last well!

Some even add some spreads on the sides and freeze it to take to cafés and similar. We sure love the Qwizl as well! :)

Fantastic quality, a step up from the hide n’ slide. Keeping meal times interesting and engaging!

Awesome! We'd LOVE a video of your smart pup working that spinner in the middle. :D

Himalayan K9 Chew
Kelly oshea
Cheese Chew

Stella that Rottweiler really enjoys a good comp on these chews. Lasts a good few hours over multiple days.
I love that they don't smell at all - Best chew ever!

Yay, we are so happy to have discovered them. So glad Stella loves them and so do you! :)