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Ready-Serve Raw Alternative for the Short Term


This Air Dried Treat can be used as a reward but also as a raw substitute for camping or occasional convenience. That means when used as a treat you don't need to worry if you are giving too much in a day. Perfect for all breeds and life stages, especially selective or food sensitive dogs.

These pellets aren't crumbly which makes them a great treat to use in enrichment toys as well without things getting too messy.

If you are using them as a food and you usually feed raw, feed a third of the raw weight, so if you are usually feeding 90g of raw, you would feed 30g of pellets. As with all treats and food, make sure that your dog has access to water.

In order to be considered a fully balanced diet, these pellets would require more additives, so they are always great to use as treats, but if used as the main diet, it should only be for short term scenarios like holidays or lazy days.

Best For Pets Pellets are air-dried in small batches to lock in the goodness of New Zealand’s finest raw ingredients, without artificial preservatives.


Venison & Chicken: Venison trim, minced whole chicken, pre-biotic, natural preservative, natural antioxidant.

Rabbit, Venison & Lamb Tripe: Minced whole rabbit, venison trim, lamb tripe, pre-biotic, natural preservative, natural antioxidant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome treats!

I received these as a free gift with my order. My fussy Jack Russell absolutely loves these treats! They break up well for training and they aren't smelly/oily. I love that they are all natural also. Highly recommend, I will be repurchasing! :)

That is so lovely, thanks so much for sharing. Glad we found something good and healthy for the JR. :)

My dogs new favourite treat (and mine)

My dog thinks they are delicious and I (obviously don't eat them but I) love them because it's so easy to break them apart and put into toys in different sizes!

Yay, another convert. They are perfect aye! :D

Lucy and Bella
New treat pouch staple

Honestly the best treats. I love that (being from Kiwi Canine and by Best for Pets) I know that they’re high quality and good for my dog. I usually use them for treats but will use for meals when we’re on holiday (something I usually couldn’t do without upsetting his stomach!). Perfect for the treat pouch as they don’t crumble but they’re super easy to break into small-boy treats.

Love this! They really are such a find indeed! We are super stoked to stock them and they have mostly replaced our treat pouch staple as well. The dogs are stoked and so are we as they are just such good food. Thanks for sharing! <3