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Handmade Biothane Muzzles


BioThane® attributes: durable, waterproof (rinses clean in seconds), antibacterial, doesn’t crack, mould or take on smells. The perfect material for custom made muzzles with a strong web core.

This custom handmade muzzle can be made for any size, shape or breed of dog. The dog can easily pant and drink while wearing this muzzle. After an extensive research and development process these muzzles are the only ones on the market with this stable and safe design that features extended protective sides - or “wings” - especially suitable for outdoor and sporting activities. The wings help keep the muzzle in position without twisting around the snout and therefore keep the muzzle safely on your dog at all times. Whilst the muzzle comes pretty nicely adjusted already, it's great to know that you have the option to make final adjustments yourself on all relevant points, including the chin strap.

After you have made your purchase you will be able to choose the style of the rivets and clasp by filling in our customisation form as well as choose two strap colours: 1. the basket and 2. the main frame and removable forehead strap. That's also where you will provide us with measurements and photos. We know ordering a muzzle can be daunting and it’s our mission to take the hassle out of the process to make it really easy! We work closely with the Truffle Muzzle team in Spain to bring the best-fitting muzzle at affordable prices to you here in NZ.

The clasp options vary between metal buckles and fast-closing plastic or metal clips. If you choose the plastic clips the colour will be matched to the main frame colour. If you choose a metal clasp it will be matched to the rivet style. The rivet style can be chosen from the following nickel-free options: Black, Silver or Gold.

PLEASE NOTE: We place our orders with the manufacturer in Spain on the last business day of every month. The production plus shipping will take between 3 and 8 weeks.
If you wish to purchase other items from the store and don’t want to wait until the muzzle arrives, please place a separate order.

TIP: When trained properly, a dog will bring their snout into the muzzle voluntarily and won't try to take it off. They are happy wearing it. So, don’t start with forcing the muzzle on your dog, but rather start with gradual training and conditioning, see the video below.

CAUTION: Soft basket muzzles (rubber, leather or biothane) are not completely bite proof. For fully bite-proof check for instance Freedom or Jafco Muzzles or other wire basket models.
If you let us know in the customisation form that your dog is reactive, you will receive a sturdier muzzle with more and wider strips added to the basket.

INCLUDED: Your muzzle will come with some replacement rivets and easy instructions for final adjustments to fit it perfectly to your dog.


Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Rundgren
Excellent Quality Muzzle

I’ve looked for years for a well constructed biothane muzzle and I’m seriously impressed with my Kiwi Canine muzzle. The real plus for me was the ability for me to be able to adjust several points on the muzzle for a perfect fit. I’m going to be ordering more now I’ve seen how brilliant they are.

Yay Summer! She looks gorgeous in it too! <3

Robyn McLeod
Blue's muzzle

Great fit, great product, great service. Thank you.

That is awesome, we are really glad to hear it. All the best with the muzzle in the future. :)

Leeanne Russell

The muzzle looks great, I am very impressed.

That's great to hear Leeanne, we look forward to some photos. :)