PlanetDog Squeak


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Hear that? Introducing Squeak, the newest member of the Orbee-Tuff® family


Just as durable as the original but now with a fun sound your dog is sure to love. Planet Dog Squeak features a unique, patent-pending squeaker that contains no adhesives or glues, making it 100% non-toxic.

Best of all...Squeak is build into toy so cannot be taken out. Not suitable for dogs with a very soft bite.

  • 75mm

Covered by our One-Time Replacement Guarantee. Please note that while Squeak is probably the strongest Squeak toy out there, it is still not indestructible. For truly tough chewers, check out our RuffDawg Balls with an extended 9-months-replacement-guarantee, but unfortunately no squeak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Squeaky Ball

My dog loves the squeaky ball, would recommend it. Bear in mind that my dog destroys everything and this has lasted so far.

That's fantastic to hear, thanks for sharing!! <3

Jane denton
unfortunately not indestructible :-(

Our girl managed to destroy the squeak inside this ball within less than 90 mins of play. No damage to the ball itself but the squeaker inside came loose within the ball - possibly faulty? Have emailed but no response as yet.

Not indestructible indeed - unfortunately no toy is. Sorry to hear Mika's fun didn't last too long. As the ball is covered by our replacement guarantee, I have emailed you different options.
Update: I am glad the replacement is still going strong after a couple of weeks. Here's to hoping Mika will get to enjoy it for a long time. <3

Penelope Badgerhound
Not Dachshund Proof :)

Penny here. I'm a one-year-old miniature dachshund whose life purpose is to chew and destroy my toys with ease and efficiency. This ball lasted much more than most; alas I seized the day and broke it after about 4 hours of (supervised!) play. My mum was not surprised, and she thinks that the average chewer will love this bouncy ball.

Hi Penny, Sorry to hear the ball only lasted you 4 hours. Glad those 4 hours were fab fun!
Please tell your mum to send the ball back to us as it's covered by our replacement guarantee. We can then discuss if she wants the same again or may want a different ball that's more Dachshund proof. Unfortunately there are no stronger balls that squeak, but there are awesome ones that don't that you can have silent fab fun with. :)

Monique Waldron
Labrador puppy loves it!

Durable and brings a lot of joy to our 8month old. She loves a noisey ball and this makes her work for the squeak, which she seems to love!

Thanks so much for sharing. So glad she loves it! Hopefully not too noisy for you :D

Vicky Taplin

Our lab x 2 year old dog has demolished every other squeaker toy. This one has lasted the distance and provides hours of enjoyment.

Whoop, that's fantastic! So glad to hear your dog is continuing to enjoy it! :)