PlanetDog Squeak


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Hear that? Introducing Squeak, the newest member of the Orbee-Tuff® family


Just as durable as the original but now with a fun sound your dog is sure to love. Planet Dog Squeak features a unique, patent-pending squeaker that contains no adhesives or glues, making it 100% non-toxic.

Best of all...Squeak is build into toy so cannot be taken out. Not suitable for dogs with a very soft bite.

  • 75mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

This actually is the best ball ever. My 6 year old border terrier loves squeakers and has de-squeaked and removed the squeaker from every squeaky toy he has ever touched in 30 seconds or less. He has had this ball for 2 weeks now and IT STILL SQUEAKS. I'm blown away.

How fantastic, so glad to hear it. Those really are a special Squeak toy for sure! :)

Ginny B
Game changer

My two miniature dachshunds are obsessed with squeaky balls. They are allowed these for playtime, but not unsupervised. There is no sign of wear despite hours of rewarding play, but the balls do get a bit slimy when in use. The smaller girl can’t make them squeak so continually returns for throwing because she loves the squeak when it bounces. The bigger boy just wanders around proudly squeaking his and joins in the odd chase. Fun times at our house!

What a cute review. Thanks so much for the photos. Their play sounds absolutely lovely! <3

This is amazing !

This is the first squeaky toy our dogs have not been able to murder !! I’m so impressed I’m going to get a spare as our guys are struggling to share it :) a total winner

That's awesome feedback, thanks for sharing! :)
So glad you found a winner!

Liz Stenning
Favourite toy

Our dog who destroys all toys lives his ball - has heaps do fun making it bounce on his own or playing fetch and hide and seek with this

Yay, I bet it's heaps of fun to watch him go as well :D

Favourite ball

Out of all the balls we have in the house, our old girl loves this one the best. It’s shown no sign of wear and tear yet and it’s been a few months. Very happy with it

Does she just love it as a ball or is she squeaking away? Haha, might not be the best one to be the dog's favourite if you want to keep sane ;p