Yak Chew Production

Yak Chew Production

April 16, 2023

How are our Yak Chews Made?



The process begins with the collection of yak and cow milk harvested in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. The yaks and cows graze on medicinal plants and herbs above 4,500 metres, free from modern day pollution. The milk produced is high in nutritional value as a result.


In the next phase the milk is pasteurised to ensure product safety and uniformity. Once the milk thickens after consistent beating and stirring the butter is extracted, making the Yak Chew low in fat. Next, the remaining milk is heated again until white cheese starts forming to remove the lactose and make the hardened cheese.

Natural Aging

After extracting the cheese content, it is transferred into a burlap sack to drain out any remaining water and whey residue. The sack is then compressed for a few days with a locally made apparatus, made of large stone, wood and bamboo. No contamination occurs to the product during this process due to the cold climate. Next, the wrapped cheese is cut into pieces and dried under the sun or a wood fire oven for several days to transform into hard chew.

Cleaned, Cut and Inspected

These hard chews are brought into the processing unit in Kathmandu, where every piece of chew is first tested for quality and then cleaned using a mixture of lime juice and water. Strict hygiene standards are maintained to prevent any contamination to the chews. Next, the chews are cut in 4 different sizes using food grade equipment in order to maintain good quality.

Dried and Stored

For the final step the chews undergo a final drying process in order to exude all the moisture, before the chews are packaged and exported.

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