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Be ready to have your mind blown with this cool Yak Toy Yeti!

A True Yak Chew Handmade in the Himalayas!


Our Yak Chews are an all-natural, healthy and long-lasting chew and treat for your dog. This chew is made of hardened Yak/Cow milk cheese. These organic chews are the perfect treat to keep your dog happy and occupied for a while in a safe and natural way.

This recipe has been enjoyed by the people in the Himalayan region of Nepal who have known about the nutritional and dental benefits of yak/cow milk for centuries. It is produced in the mountains at more than 4500 metre, using the ancient recipes of the Himalayas. The product is a yak and cow milk based hard cheese that is now a favourite amongst dogs. 

The cheese flavour of the chew is very alluring, and the hard texture of the product makes it a perfect and a long lasting dog treat. As a dog chews on this tasty cheese stick, their saliva breaks down the chew and your dog gets to enjoy a tasty yet odour-free loooooong-lasting treat! Let your dog savour the taste of the Himalayas for hours! And now you can make them last even longer with our Yak Gulp Stoppers!

And how cool is this!? Pop the end bits in the microwave and make doggy hokey-pokey, you should try! Check out how..
You can also purchase Nuggets separately to puff them up if your dog isn't into the hard cheese, get Nuggets here.

  • Contains No Salt
  • No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Additives
  • Read here how they are made!
  • Extra tough: hours of chewing time
  • No icky-factor; doesn’t stain, splinter and has no odour
  • Size and shape differ due to their handmade nature, these are grouped by weight
  • Easily digestible and good for dogs of all ages

Any questions: Read our FAQ here!

Ingredients: Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice

Feed this complimentary food as a treat only. Always provide plenty of fresh water to your K9.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Not as great as I had hoped

Unfortunately after two days of my 5 month old puppy happily nibbling on the Yak Chew and barely making a dent, big chunks of it suddenly started breaking off which would have been a choke hazard. It almost looked like it had been dropped and cracked (it had not), because I could break of pieces with my fingers. I think we will stick to the yak nuggets in the yeti.

Sorry to hear the Yak wasn't a hit for your pup. At least you can use those pieces to puff in the Yeti :)


Three dogs all love these and are very contented chewers. Just placed another order, thank you.

Perfect, that's fantastic news! <3

Leon and Evvie
Great chew but I have power jaws

I bought the special holders for these to go in, hoping to slow down the chomp. It works for one pup (8months, 31kg) but not her brother (11months, 25kg) He can get the Yak Snack out the holder (smart lad) and chew it down to a nubbin in record time. It still lasts way longer than most chews but at this price, needing the Large sized option, I can’t afford to keep repurchasing often! The lil stump goes in the other special toy for microwaving which they both love…unless he gobbles it up before I notice!

I am quite impressed by the 11 months old brother's skills! Sorry that even with the Gulp Stopper it's not lasting as long as you would have hoped for.
Have you tried our Goat Horns for him?
Glad the Puff & Play works well! :)

Lisa G
Yak chew

Polly is making good progress on her large yak chew. She is an aggressive chewer and this is lasting well and keeping her occupied in the evenings. Have to keep her in or she tries to bury it with her treasures.

Haha, it's so funny how they do that when chewing it so much fun. But great to hear she treasures it like that! <3

A Yak Success

At 7 months Bear has found the Yak chew keeps him happy and because it lasts longer than most other chews... it's keeping mum happy too. (And putting it in the microwave at the end is a crunchy bonus)

Haha, that face! Love it, so great to hear the Yak Chew is a winner for Bear! <3