Deer Antler


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100% Natural New Zealand Venison


Free of any chemical treatment, these Antlers are as good as it gets. Full of essential vitamins and minerals, this is a no mess, long lasting chew that helps keep your dog's teeth clean. And best of all, they are split already, so your dog can get to the inner parts without issues. Some are sliced in half and some are middle slices.

  • Small weight range from 50-85g
  • Large weight range from 90-140g

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Anita Ewart-Croy

    Our Irish Terriers love these, especially our 11month old, Ferris. Great purchase 👍

    Gorgeous dogs! So glad they love the antlers <3

    Matt Foot
    Deer Antlers are the best

    I have 7 year old border collie that is rehomed with me. He mowed through lamb bones in under 10 minutes. I was recommended to Kiwi Canine by a friend and purchased the deer antler and the goat horn. Two weeks later and he is only half way through the deer antler so the goat horn is on hold. He loves the deer antler. It is keeping his teeth really nice and clean and it entertains him for about half an hour at a time. Kiwi Canine's service was so quick and easy. I do recommend them.

    That's fantastic, thanks so much for sharing your experience. Your BC looks to stoked with the antler. Hopefully he'll love the Goat Horn as well. :)

    Great find!

    Dogs are still interested and going at it 2 weeks later! We have customized ours to size and split a large antler into 2 (unequal) parts to cater to 2 dogs and they both love it. Will be getting more! Also love that it's odourless.

    Nice, they both look very busy. Glad they love them! <3

    Delicious and long lasting

    Pia is loving her new antler. It is her longest lasting chew. It's great that is split; she's not too interested in whole antlers as the marrow isn't easily accessible.
    Overall, an excellent alternative to chewing the chairs and the couch 😊

    LOVE that photo, thanks so much for sharing! <3
    So glad the split antler is a hit, and certainly good the chairs and couch are saved thanks to it. :D

    Larina Van der werff
    Didn’t last long!

    Our dog loves her split antler, but most of the marrow is gone after only a week; so if you’re wanting it to last months (like our last one did), I’d suggest getting one that isn’t split. It was a good, sturdy size though, and I’m sure our dog has zero complaints!!

    Thanks for the review! Certainly by making the core more reachable the antler lasts less long. It's a balance between long lasting and teeth safety as the outside of an antler is one of the strongest things we give our dogs to chew, so we need to be careful they don't break their teeth. That's why we went away from stocking the full ones rather than split.
    Glad the dog enjoyed it and it lasted a week, but certainly understand if you'd prefer sourcing a full one from elsewhere next time given it works well for you guys. :)