Goat Horn


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Did anyone say Favourite Toughest Chew!?


These cut, air-dried wild Goat Horns are excellent for dental hygiene and have been an absolute favourite for all dogs that love chewing. They will not finish these ones quickly - with some even lasting months! If your dog loves deer antlers, they should sure love these ultimate chew toys which are slightly softer but still very tough and entirely edible!

The Goat Horn chew is delicious, healthy, and natural. Goat horns contain high levels of calcium and phosphorous, so are also good for maintaining strong healthy bones while being high in essential vitamins and minerals.

Being able to choose your size and out of such a huge selection, we dare say, you cannot get that anywhere else.

A Goat Horn is made of the protein keratin, the same material that makes fingernails, claws, hooves and hair. The horn is an outer layer with a core of bone.

  • Sourced from 100% wild, organic and free range New Zealand goat
  • Naturally palatable and long lasting
  • Packed with essential vitamins & nutrients
  • Prevents tartar build up and teeth decay
  • Individual horns vary in size and shape
  • All horns supplied with shell AND core (unless it's the tip that doesn't have a core, but no horns come hollow)
  • Sizes:
    XS: 2 horns per pack
    S-XXL: 1 horn per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Hunters mum
Another Hunter Fav!

He loved this! took him a few weeks to get halfway through a small one. Definitely a good find - a bit smelly as an inside chew, so have tried to keep it outside (though his friends that visit tend to steal them if I leave them out). Another one that I've given a few to friends for their persistent chewers to try.

Nice! Another great find for Hunter. :)
That is true, they can be a bit more smelly than some other chews, so that's a good tip to keep them more outside for sure. Hope the friends like them too!

Ginny Russell
Recent horns must be from old goats

When I first purchased these small horns my puppy loved them
But the last couple of orders have not been the same
She just buries them now - not interested in chewing them, but happily chews on rawhide

Sorry to hear she is no longer enjoying them. I'd look into a different product, like Yak Chews for instance. The horns will always vary in size, hardness, etc. so I wouldn't purchase more in the hopes that she'll enjoy a different lot more.

Blake Wells
A massive hit!

Marlow loves these!! A massive hit and a very long lasting. Will be rotating between these and the mooshoes from now on.

Nice, that's fantastic to hear. Glad Marlow loves them! What a gorgeous photo too - it made it to the product page <3

Not impressed

I ordered two goats horns. 1 medium for the small dog, and 1 XL for the bigger dog. They arrived the same size and with the tips cut off which makes it difficult for the dogs to hold on to. Does not match the picture on the site, looks more like the goats horn outers.
Delivery was quick.

I had emailed a couple of days ago to get you to check the horns weights but haven't heard back yet. I can see that they look fairly similar to the plain eye, however, unless we made a mistake, they will be quite different in their weights with Medium being between 75 and 100g and XL being between 145 and 220g. That would mean with the XL not being significantly larger that the Medium is a bit more hollow and the XL more dense (besides it being longer and wider) which will make it longer lasting for chewing.
The XL horns pretty much never have a tip as they are all cut into pieces and a tip wouldn't weigh enough to be XL. Medium are about half and half with or without tip.
Goat Horn Outers are entirely hollow which none of our Standard Goat Horns are.
Sorry to hear you are not impressed. It looks like all is as described on the site, but if you were to weigh them and they aren't in those weight ranges, please do reply to my email.
And also feel free to enquire via email for options of tips before ordering next time as I'll be happy to advise what we have available.

Nadine O’Donnell
Goat horns

My dog loves chewing his goat horn and it’s his most longest lasting chew he’s had it for a few weeks now and I think it will keep on going very good value

Yay, perfect investment then, thanks so much for sharing! :)