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A Puppy Class favourite


Qwizl is a super tough treat toy that's brilliantly designed to extend the life of expensive dog treats while keeping dogs busy. This interactive treat-dispensing toy stimulates minds and satisfies taste buds. Side openings release scent and taste while the continuous interior hole allows treats to extend out. Flexible ridges grip multiple sizes of treats. West Paw Qwizl is fun to toss, catch, and chew even when the treats are gone!

Puzzle toy helps stimulate dogs’ brains to support healthy growth.

  • Extends life of spendy treats
  • Easy for dogs to hold in place with paws 
  • Pairs well with chews, treats and spreads
  • Safe, durable, freezer- and dishwasher safe
  • Made with zero-waste and recyclable Zogoflex material in the US
  • Covered by our One-Time Replacement Guarantee

S: 14cm, L: 17cm

Tips & Tricks:

  • Large Qwizl extends the life of Pizzle Sticks (their width can vary and sometimes not fit) and other chews like Steer Pizzles, Meaty Tendons and more. Small Qwizl extends the life of Venison Straps and thinner chews.
  • Treat leftovers can sometimes get stuck in Qwizl (sad face). Soak in soapy water and remove with pliers, clean with a bottle brush to get out any leftover bits!
  • To keep your dog motivated, change up the challenge with West Paw’s other puzzle-treat toys – Toppl, Tux and Rumbl

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Love it!

The Qwizl has been a favourite right from the first day we used it. I really like how quick and easy it is to fill with a treat when I am rushing to get out the door. Our dog Koda, is kept busy for a long time working on getting to his treat. It is durable and still looks new after 4 months of heavy use.

Yay, so glad it was a great pick for Koda. Thanks for sharing! <3

The one thing every new puppy owner needs!

This has been my favourite purchase by far. Combined with one of the delicious chews from Kiwi Canine, it keeps my 12 week puppy occupied so that I can get on to doing other things. And when he is a bit over-tired and hyper, chewing on this calms him right down. I started off the Venison Straps in the small Qwizl, but found he could pull them out quite quickly, so started putting two straps together and that takes him longer to get out. Sometimes he needs a bit of help from me to nudge them out a bit. I asked Lisa for some other suggestions on chews that would go with the small Qwizl, so now he has a selection to choose from! At the moment he is loving the golden tendons.

Agreed, because it's so multifunctional it's the perfect all round dog toy for starters. :)
Love that you find all sorts of different ways to keep puppy occupied and promote calmness. Go you!

Janine Moore

This is well constructed and I can see will stand the test of time. Dolly loved it to start with but now if she can't get the treat out after a few mins she gives up! Maybe I have a lazy dog lol. Will look to change up the treat to a bully stick soon and hope that revitalises her interest in it.

It's great to know it's going to last. I would go back and make it a bit easier with spreads and smaller treats and sticks that she can get out easily, so she starts to really get into the toy and then you can make it harder in very small steps, so she doesn't lose interest in the process. :)

Annie Bermingham
Excellent for stick treats and making feeding a fun and long time

This is fantastic for stick treats and make them fun for our dog to work on chewing for ages. I make sure if the treat fits firmly in and if it doesn’t I jam a second thinner tendon in super firmly so they hold firmly in place. If they are loose it is too easy for my dog to get out but if they are super tightly in it makes for hours of fun chewing and problem solving for my dog. Highly recommended.

Those are some awesome tips, thanks so much for sharing! The Qwizl is certainly one of those must-haves for doggy parents. :)

Laura H

Great for stuffing treats in, denta-sticks work perfect. Nice alternative to a kong.

Nice, check out our Venison Tendons as well for a chew that fits your large Qwizl. :)