Dog Bike Attachment


Official Walky Dog Plus® Bike Leash





    • High-carbon stainless steel construction with solid brass end-cap.
    • Patented one of a kind quick-lock/release mechanism. Allows for quickly attaching and detaching the bar portion in under 1 second for safe storage or use on another bike.
    • Universal adjustable seatpost clamp for mounting on nearly any bike seatpost or frame.
    • Military Grade 550 paracord for added strength and longevity with adjustable internal spring system for dogs of varying strengths.
    • TÜV SÜD product certification for quality and safety.
    • In the photo you can see the bike attachment with its original rope is about 57cm long. We add in a replacement rope that lets you extend the length to about 107cm as we prefer to give the dogs a bit more room.
    • Lets you add Poo Bag Holder at 20% Discount

Also available for purchase as spares:

  •  SPARE BIKE JAW (in case you wish to have a jaw on a 2nd bike)
    • Designed for WalkyDog Plus exercising leash
    • Easy to install
    • Quick lock and release to switch between bikes
    • Protective plastic for between spare jaw and bike seat post

  • SPARE EXTENSION ROPE (only need to purchase this if your other rope broke)
    • 2 meters of 4mm Double Braid Dyneema Core Green
    • Fully adjustable cord length for dogs of different heights, being able to extend the bike attachment by up to half a meter, from about 57cm to 107cm.

How-to video on the easy few steps to extend the length of the bike leash

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tracey Macneil
Amazing Invention

We have a 8 month old Huntaway x Heading. She has a tonne of energy and sometimes needs more than just a walk. This way she can jog alongside my husband on his bike rides. She took to it really well can is keen to go for a "ride" when the husband hooks this up to his bike.

Yay, that's great, thanks so much for the review and photo! :)
Just remember that her growth plates aren't fully closed yet at 8 months, so take it easy (slow and short distances) and give her lots of breaks.
Ha, you should see the happiness in our house as well when the bike attachment comes out, definitely an amazing invention!

Best invention ever!

We have always wanted to be able to cycle with our dogs but they get distracted quite easily and pull so this was not a safe possiblity before. I bought one of these bike attachments to test out and it is the most amazing thing ever! Both our dogs are medium/large and this is a sturdy piece of equipment that I trust. We bought a second one because we were so impressed and now our dogs are getting plenty of exercise with us :) it's so much fun!

Ha! We so agree! Thanks so much for the review, keep enjoying your adventures together! <3

Catherine Jowett
Exactly what we need! Perfect

I have enviously watched people cycle with their dog and wished it was possible with my dog. I have a high energy dog with very few exercise options as she is highly reactive and I am not a runner! I worried about her attacking or getting caught in the bike, or lunging at things when I was busy cycling. This product seems to address all these issues. It is early days yet but she seems to enjoy the RUNS we are now able to go on, and is so busy focusing on her job of being in the right place next to the bike, that she doesn't react to anything. Such an important accessory for both of us! Thank you so much for making this an option. It is making such a difference.

Oh, this is such a pleasure to read, truly! We love that we could help make such a positive difference to your and your dog's life!
We used to be in the same position when we bought the first one of these from overseas for our dog and our minds were just as much blown away. :)

Game changer!

What an awesome invention! I have two Golden Retrievers, only one is old enough to exercise properly. She's very alpha and high energy, walking her was a chore constantly correcting her, and with manic excitement over other dogs on top it was a pain! She also needed more high intensity exercise than I could provide, especially time wise. Now I can take her for a half hour bike ride daily, she's exhausted and fulfilled afterwards, it's enjoyable for everyone (except the dog left behind). Wish I had brought it earlier, well worth the investment!

Thanks so much for the review: such an awesome invention indeed!
Great to hear that your adventures together have become more mutually enjoyable, makes for awesome bonding. :)

Erin McMurray
Excellent serice

Fast delivery

Thank you, Erin, those are indeed traits we put a lot of emphasis on, so glad you noticed. :)