Long Lines


High Quality Training Lead Long Line


A must for guardians of any dog in training and also all others that want to have a relaxed walk in on-leash areas. A long line allows your dog to make good choices whilst being safe and gives you the chance to relax and reinforce all the good stuff. Always to use on a backclip-harness.
  • Available in 5m or 10m length, please note that due to the hand manufacturing process the length can vary by about 50cm.

  • Double Braided Polyester Rope made from a polyester sheath and core. High strength, low stretch, torque free, excellent wet/dry abrasion resistance and wet/dry strength. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals.

  • Zinc base carabiner, nickel plated, with swivel snap hook

Produced locally in Christchurch, New Zealand

    What's a Mooch Walk?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Jillian Voight
    Long Lead

    The long lead is amazing - I got the 5 metre and find its fine for me as I'm older and feel it's long enough for me to still be in control - not as quick and agile as I was :) :) Daisy just loves the feeling of being free and its been great for recall practice at the park. Once again wonderful service from Kiwi Canine :)

    We love your reviews, Jillian, very kind! :)

    Good tip that the 5m lead is better in some cases where either the dog is maybe reactive or like in your case the handler feels more comfortable and has more control on a little less length. Glad Daisy is enjoying her freedom!

    Anna O'Grady
    Great way to keep puppy safe

    Really enjoying walking our puppy on the long line, allowing her to learn and make good decisions whilst being safe. A little heavy for her being a small puppy, but hopefully she'll grow quickly.

    I love the wording you are using, that you are allowing your puppy to make good decisions while being safe. That is exactly what it's all about as you can then reinforce good choices. <3
    Sorry to hear it's a bit heavy, we do have the thinner option, but I am sure she'll be growing into it real quick!

    Ellen Robotham
    All you need in a longline

    Fast as delivery, super light weight and durable. Good sized handle and great quality clips. Had a couple times where the rope has been a bit slippery and need to wrap around hand if needing to keep dog close.

    Thanks for the review, Ellen! :)
    Sometimes people use gardening gloves if the dogs are quite strong and need a bit of extra grip.

    Yna Martinez
    Hard to grip

    I have a 25kg dog and was really looking forward to using this. Unfortunately, this leash is really hard to grip and not good if your dog has tendency to react/lunge/pull or if you have a heavy dog in general i guess.

    Thanks so much for the feedback, Yna.
    I am surprised to hear this as we use them with the rescue 40kg dogs that are still very pully/lungy and we don't really have any issues. Sometimes people like to use gardening gloves while getting used to handling a long line as to avoid any rope burn while both, handler and dog, get used to the setup. When working with a dog in their early training stages, it's important to not have any slack hanging on the ground, but rather actively manage the lead in and out with 2 hands. If there's anything we can do to assist, please let us know.

    Life Saver

    My dog had started to go wondering too far so this line is perfect. It was delivered the day after it was ordered so great service!

    Yay! We do ship every day with overnight courier, so it's great to hear that it's working and arriving quickly! :)
    Long Lines really are such a life saver, thanks for the review!