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Sun Protection as well as antibacterial, soothing wound dressing


Aniwell has been developing leading veterinary products in New Zealand for over 40 years. Trusted as a range of leading animal sunblock and animal skincare products.

Predominantly used for skin treatment in horses, cattle, sheep, cats and dogs, the products are specifically formulated to:

  • Protect skin and wounds from sunburn
  • Minimise skin reactions
  • Correct damaged skin
  • Protect & soothe irritated skin areas
  • Be used as a sunblock and for sun protection
  • Provide antibacterial cover as a wound dressing
  • Provide wound protection without requiring a covering dressing

To summarise the difference between the 3 products in short:

  • FiltaBac: A sunblock that's also good for wounds
    • Best sun protection and good wound cover
  • FiltaClear: A sunscreen that's almost clear and good for sensitive skin
    • Good sun protection and good for sensitive skin
  • AMHVetNo sun protection, but good for post sun irritation and other skin irritations; can seal skin so dressing not needed
    • Active Manuka Honey for irritated skin, no sun protection

More detail:

FiltaBac is a complete protective, antibacterial, sunblock cream that acts as a totally natural second skin.

  • SPF: 29-33
  • Skin protection for wounds, sunburn, as a sunblock, correcting damaged or irritated skin conditions
  • Forms a smooth film and is extremely spreadable with minimum surface pressure
  • May be applied to any skin area. Re-apply when filming (white) is not visible.
  • Suitable for dogs. For cats use FiltaClear instead.
  • Covers wounds like a second skin, providing a barrier which simulates the properties of undamaged skin and is a total sunblock protecting the wound from any further damage by the sun.
  • Allows transpiration of the covered area (the wound breathes but does not dry out), promotes moist wound healing, Serous fluid can escape, prevents intrusion of external contaminants (including insects), protect from colonisation of the wound
  • FiltaBac Cream normally does not need to be removed before cuts are sutured.
  • Cover application of FiltaBac Cream will minimise exposed tissue cells from dehydrating and dying. Marginal cells of a laceration will remain living for an extended period of time when coated with FiltaBac Cream as a barrier.
  • The oil balance in FiltaBac Cream is critical for the protection of the lipid structure of the covered tissue.
  • FiltaBac Cream is easily and painlessly removed using mild soap or antiseptic liquid in warm water. Clean and pat dry before re-applying FiltaBac.
  • Integrity as a Barrier Cover of the FiltaBac Cream. To minimise the contamination of FiltaBac Cream (especially when applied to difficult to clean or dirty skin areas) the preservative function of the cream is maximised by Benzalkonium chloride. This alleviates the growth of yeast and mould and lessens the invasion of pathogens.

FiltaClear is a near clear (translucent), protective sunblock cream that acts as a totally natural second skin.

  • SPF: 24-27, with sun blocking action up to 8 hours
  • Acts as a totally natural second skin with an antibacterial protective skin cover
  • Thin film rubs in clear, can appear almost invisible if gently rubbed into the affected areas
  • The fine film minimises rub off on furniture or carpet
  • For maximum skin protection with longer sun blocking action or for antibacterial cover, a visible film should be applied and re-applied two or three times daily, without removing the original cover
  • Developed for sensitive skins
  • Has bittering agent to minimise licking, can be used to cover and protect wounds to prevent licking.
  • Protects from exposure to both sun and wind
  • Prevents foreign contaminants and dirt matter entering the protected skin areas
  • Suitable for dogs and cats but not to be applied around the mouth area.
  • Can be used on sunburn. If so, gently remove residual cream and dirt from the area at the end of the day by using warm water and a mild soap or a non-soap cleanser. Pat or air-dry (do not rub) and re-cover with FiltaClear. Hair will re-grow naturally on the area. 

    AMHVet (Active Manuka Honey Vet), is a totally natural soothing cream containing 25% of NZ certified active manuka honey 15+ activity factor. Ideally suited for soothing mild skin irritation for all animals use.

    Aniwell's AMHVet 25% Anhydrous Cream uses all the known benefits of certified NZ active manuka honey in this easy to administer topical application.

    • The advantage of AMHVet 25% Anhydrous Cream is that it can easily and frequently be applied to minor irritations of the skin with its 'Stay-in-place' formulation which won't warm up and run off.
    • No need for a dressing cover, as it does not warm up and run off, the cream forms a waterproof film over the area concerned
    • AMHVet Cream will minimise irritation of the skin area it is applied to
    • Once the area treated is no longer irritated, the use of AMHVet may be ceased and the area can be covered with FiltaBac Cream to allow the skin to breathe and recover naturally. No need for a dressing with FiltaBac either!
    • Maintains the all the benefits of NZ active manuka honey
    • For skin areas with minor irritation, repeated cover applications of AMHVet Cream will protect and soothe the skin. 

    Any issues seek veterinary advice. Please read bottle front and back before ordering.

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    Emma's Mum
    Protection for my white nose!!

    We wouldn't leave the house on a sunny day without putting FiltaClear on our border collie's very WHITE snout to protect her from sun damage! Have been doing it since she was a puppy. Very happy with this product ----it stays on and doesn't seem to annoy her at all. Survives a swim too!!!!! Good value!
    With her sensitive skin, FiltaBac gave Emma a red nose.

    Always love to hear from longterm users, thanks so much for sharing. Glad it keeps her nicely protected! <3
    Also sorry to hear that FiltaBac wasn't right for her. A valuable review that helps other with dogs with sensitive skin to choose FiltaClear instead. Thanks for sharing!