Benebone Fishbone


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Ditch your regular stick


The Benebone Fishbone is not your dog's average chew toy. Flavoured with 100% natural Jack Salmon and made from durable nylon, the ergonomic design allows your dog to prop up one end of the chew for a better grip. Made in the USA.

The dog's weight is only a rough guide to sizing and cannot replace the monitoring of a dog’s chewing habits. When in doubt, choose the larger size chew toy for safety’s sake.


Please note: Benebones should be enjoyed but not eaten. While very durable, Benebones won't last forever. Every dog plays differently, and since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the chew from playtime if pieces begin to break off. Rice-sized flakes are OK, but if it looks like larger chunks are about to come off, it’s time to replace.
Full Safety Guide Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great chew!

Milo loves this chew! He’s been obsessed with it since I gave it to him ❤️

That's fantastic, I love to hear that! <3

Caitlin G
My dogs don’t like it

Neither of my dogs really like them (golden retriever/collie puppy or 8 year old Sydney silky) so a bit of a waste of money

Sorry to hear! All dogs have different preferences of course that we need to figure out. You could try using a nail grinder (sandpaper works too) to roughen up the surface a bit and let the flavour come out to see if that will do the trick. Otherwise the dogs at your local rescue would love the donation. <3

If you'd like to be consulted on what might be a better fit for your guys reach out before ordering next time.

Benebone Fishbone Chew Saviours!

My six month old pup, had started to chew on anything and everything she could wrap her teeth around. She loves the benebone and its her go to for a good old chew. Was a real asset with being spayed recently, it helped relieve the boredom due to having restricted mobility.

Always a success to find something that occupies dogs on crate rest, thanks so much for sharing! <3

Kimmy J
Benebone sticks and fish

These are amazing for puppies during teething and after. Both mine live to chew and these keep them away from my furniture. Definitely recommend them!

Nice, that's so great. Always good not having to replace furniture :D

Kerrianne Hart
Aggressive Chewer

My 10th month old staffy cross is an agreement chewer. She loves her Benebone Fishbones, she is onto her 3rd one. Good quality, no stitching to tear apart etc. Doesn't smell, but sometimes leaves a bit of a mess (looks like bread crumbs) but can be vacuumed quickly

Awesome, love to hear you found the perfect chew for your aggressive chewer! Thanks for sharing! :)