Biothane Draglines


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Easy Care & Durable Biothane, Stitched in NZ


Made in New Zealand from strong and resilient Biothane these draglines are perfect for tracking, nose work or scent detection specialists or for your step between long line and off-lead recall. They offer the best of both worlds by coming with an awesome selection of handles!

These tough draglines have NO HANDLE which prevents the dog from getting trapped or caught on the bush or on equipment when you leave their line dragging, but you can attach your handle of choice when you want to use it as a standard Long Line.

This super strong, non-stretchy and light Dragline won't absorb water or dirt and can just drip dry and only needs a wipe down if it gets dirty on the outside. A solid brass ring and carabiner are stitched to the ends with 277 Heavy Duty Commercial Thread.

These are very lightweight in design, for example our biggest option (10m M/L) weighs in at only 700 grams.

Give your dog extra freedom of movement with these great drag lines. Always to use on a backclip-harness.


  • Proper Durability
  • Look and feel of leather without oiling or waxing requirements
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Flexibility
  • Does not hold odours
  • Will not hold mildew
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Electric-shock resistant
  • Lightweight yet strong

Biothane compared to Leather:
Leather is an uncoated surface which absorbs dirt and bacteria and requires regular and daily maintenance.
Biothane is more comfortable to the hand than leather and longer-lasting.

Nylon Handles:

  • Made out of super strong, but soft European tubular 25mm nylon webbing
  • 16mm Zinc base carabiner, nickel plated, with swivel snap hook (~200kg breaking strength)
  • Produced locally in Christchurch with the highest quality materials and stitching workmanship

Learn more about Long Lines.

Please note that brass can tarnish in seawater, so good to give it a bit of a rinse after a play at the beach.

If you bought a Dragline without handle in the past and need just the handle, go here.


"GREAT BIT OF KIT - Have been using one of these routinely for nearly 3 years in all weather. There is no sign of wear. Great for use in the wet as doesn't absorb water and easy to grip." - Neil

"INVEST IN A BIOTHANE LONGLINE: NO REGRETS! - We purchased our biothane longline over two years ago, and since then it has been in just about daily use, (on gravel and rural roads, bush and river beds). Investing in the biothane longline was a worthwhile investment for our Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It has definitely stood the test of time, durability and quality, and still looks fantastic." - Janine

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great quality

Slides really easily through long grass & bushes when the dogs in undergrowth by the stream (ring on the end hasn't caused any issues). Super high quality clip that hasn't choked up with sand. Ticks the two reasons to replace my old line!

Perfect, glad to hear it. Perfect use case for a Dragline without handle over a Long Line with handle. Thanks for sharing! :)

Tony Teeling
M/L 10m dragline

Perfect for keeping dog close when camping and will be a great training aid. Well-constructed and will handle wear and tear.

Awesome, thank you so much for sharing. It is great quality and should last a lifetime if not chewed, etc. :)

Lara Penman
Best drag line we have found!

This is perfect for our 35kg dog who loves exploring and we are still working on his recall. Unlike the other lines we have tried it doesn’t get tangled or knotted, it easy to keep clean and wipe down and is easy to hold. Not a scratch on it after use over rocks and gravel. Really love the removable handle. We use it to tie him onto the caravan and versatile for many uses. And the handle is really soft and comfortable to hold. Thanks.

That's so awesome to hear. Thanks so much for sharing. Glad it's working so well for you! :)

Working great

Ordered the larger lead which was too heavy for us but KiwiCanine were amazing at helping us return and replace with the smaller one, which is working great for my 16-17kg spoodle. Love that the line is rugged, doesn’t absorb water, and is easy to wipe down. Also way less likely to tangle than other leads I’ve used, so nice and easy to manage.

Thanks so much for the review, so glad you like the new Dragline and it's working well for you guys :)

Perfect 👌

This is exactly what I was after, love that you can choose whether to have a handle attached or use it as a dragline without the worry of the handle getting caught. Good quality with nice hardware and stitching.

Awesome, so glad it was worth the wait for you. We are very happy with the product as well! :)