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A breakthrough shown to help maintain calm behaviour


Pro Plan's Calming Care has Bifidobacterium longum (BL999), a probiotic strain shown to help dogs and cats with anxiety, fear and stress. Helps blunt cortisol response to anxious events and supports a healthy immune system. 

Diet-related changes in gut-microbiota can influence the brain via the gut-brain axis and may, in turn, influence behaviours including anxiety. Calming Care may be used as a sole therapy in pets with mild anxiety, however, in lots of cases with truly anxious pets it may just be a component of multimodal therapy, including a force free trainer and/or a veterinary behaviourist. For both check Companion Animals New Zealand for certified professionals.

🐕 Helps dogs cope with external stressors like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds, or changes in routine and location. Helps dogs maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful events promoting a positive emotional state.

🐈 Helps promote positive behaviours in cats such as playing and seeking out social contact. Helps cats cope with changes in routine and location. Improvement shown in cats displaying anxious behaviours (such as pacing).
A common clinical sign of anxiety in cats is overgrooming which is why Vitamin E has been added to the feline version. It is an essential nutrient for cats and helps support a healthy skin barrier while also supporting a healthy immune system by reducing oxidative stress.

Calming Care should be taken on a daily basis and not as a short-term anti-anxiety solution for sporadic stressful events, such as changes in routine and location, but as part of a multimodal approach involving behavioural and environmental modifications. For more acute event specific solutions for dogs see Adaptil.

Contains 10^9 CFU microorganisms per packet. Excellent palatability. Administer one packet daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Can be sprinkled on your pet’s regular food. May take up to six weeks for full effect. Does not need to be refrigerated, but rather should be kept in a cool, dry environment.
Recent studies suggest a role for both the vagus nerve and modulation of systemic tryptophan levels in relaying the influence of both the resident and exogenous microflora along this bidirectional communication axis. The proposed mechanism of action involves the various routes of communication that exist between the microbiota and the brain which are slowly being discovered, and they include the CNS, neuroendocrine and neuroimmune systems, the sympathetic and parasympathetic arms of the autonomic nervous system, the enteric nervous system, and the intestinal microbiota.

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This makes a difference in my dogs life!

I put my dog on this a few years ago, when I took him off it for a while I noticed how much more noise sensitive he was at home! So, to me, this helps him be calmer and rest better at home.

Nice, that's great feedback. With little helpers like these that's sometimes the best tell, what happens when you don't give it. Thanks for sharing!

Totally recommend calming care

I was a little skeptical at first if we’d see any difference but within a couple of weeks I noticed a huge shift in my anxious dog's behaviour, he struggles being home alone during the day but this has massively improved since starting calming care. I’m super pleased with the results and will definitely continue using it for him

I am so pleased to hear it! So glad Jax is happier during the day, what a relief <3
Thanks for showing his gorgeous face too! :)