Chew Screw


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The Chew Grip for all sizes


Locks Bully Sticks, Yak Chews and any other chew in place! 

Safety Device that fits most bull pizzles and chew sticks from ≈0.64cm wide to ≈3.2cm wide. Find a selection of all our chews here.

Made from non-toxic, chew-resistant, durable natural rubber designed for dogs that like to chew. Screw made from tough natural Food Grade Nylon.
Chew Screw helps prevent choking and stomach blockage in dogs when eating chew sticks.

Place chew in center of holder and tighten screw until chew is securely locked in place. Supervise Use. Discard if Damaged.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Quality Inspected, Assembled and Packaged in the USA
  • Replacement Screw available. Please send us an email.

Customer Reviews

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Brilliant Invention!

A bull pizzle, aided by the grip of this brilliant chew holder? Yes please!!

Quinn always looks so pleased. Fantastic, thanks so much for sharing a video! <3

Stops gobbling

My dog is an aggressive chewer and an a very enthusiastic guzzler of large pieces of anything. This has helped him to slow down and actually chew a tendon rather than gulping it down. It isn’t 100% safe - sometimes he works it loose so I have to watch him. But it has given us more options. And he LOVES it - gets super excited when it comes out with something chewy and tasty in the middle.
He has chewed the **** already but it still works and comes with spares. The main part of the device is pretty hardy.

That's fantastic news and exactly what it's there for. And yes, especially with aggressive chewers and gulpers we sure want to make sure to supervise anyhow. Thanks so much for sharing! :)


Pixel loves her chew **** !
For nomming the golden tendons

haha, the review app has censored the word 'screw' :D
I love these photos, thanks so much for sharing. One of them even made it on the product page <3
She sure looks like she's enjoying herself!

Brilliant invention!

I have been looking for something like this as the bully sticks never stay in the Kong properly and our 1 year old golden retriver gets frustrated with the qwizle. This has been a perfect alternative, now I know she can't swallow the end of the treat whole (not a smart chewer) and even our new furr baby thinks it's pretty awesome!

Ah, that's awesome that they both love it and it keeps them safe. Good to have options for the not so smart chewers, so they can still enjoy chewing. :)
Thanks for the cute photos!! <3