Crate Water Bowl


Want to be able to attach water securely inside a crate?


This Crate Water Bowl is made from heavy gauge stainless steel with a unique snap-fit fixture that clamps on the inside of a dog crate. Apart from being hygienic, these bowls can easily be taken out from the fixture, cleaned then simply snap-fitted back.

  • Medium, 12cm - 600ml
  • Large, 15cm - 900ml

Comes with powder-coated steel clamp-on holder.

Please note: Slide in-between the metal lip, have a good look at the photo to avoid the bowl tipping out when the pup pushes at the front. Also, please only have the holder in the crate with the bowl in it as we don't want metal pieces sticking into the crate unprotected.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cptn Feijoa
Love this product!

This is a great product. I love that I dont have to worry about the water bowl tipping in crate or something being accidentally dipped in it. The Large size is not huge but certainly big enough to serve it's purpose. Once fitted in crate it seems very stable but on the same time it's easy to remove for clean & refill.

Nice one! Such a handy product to have for crated dogs indeed, thanks so much for the review!

Philip K.
Great steel bowl, easy to attach to crate and sturdy - watch for sharp edges on the clips

The bowl is a solid, easy to clean, indestructible water vessel absolutely fit for purpose, and the attachment to the crate is simple, sturdy, and straight forward.
Only note would be to check clip arms, ours had very sharp edges on the end caps (fine when the bowl is in, but when out was sharp enough to cut gums) - I hammered these inwards which looks a bit worse but at least is blunt now :)

Just make sure to place the bowl in between the two metal rails instead of top (like in the picture, which I missed) to avoid the bowl easily tipping out!

Thanks for the thorough review, Philip. Good tip about the arms not being super safe when the bowl isn't in!