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The Dog's Best Friend Game for the whole whānau


Created by pet behaviourists, seasoned pet experts, and game design pros, West Paw's The Dog's Best Friend Game is made for super-safe, real-life play. Breaks are built in, but feel free to take more! If a card isn't a tail thumper or gut buster, just pass -there's another fun challenge underneath.

TRAINING TIPS INCLUDED: The game is designed to be a fun new way to play, but training is built in.

DESIGN YOUR OWN CHALLENGES: The game comes with 4 blank cards so you can design your own games.

5 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY to engage humans from 8 and up and dogs with various levels of training.

NOT FEELING SOCIAL? That is ok! The Dog's Best Friend Game has a solo play option.

Key Features:

  • New Innovation in brain game play for family game nights. Game designed for adults and children 8+
  • Encourages connection, positive reinforcement training and FUN for the WHOLE family (2 legged and 4).
  • Training tips and methods are built into the minigames; also included are 5 extra Training Tip cards
  • Game contains: 81 challenge cards; 5 training tip cards; 8 plastic cups; 1 no-slip playing mat; 2 plush dog toys; 1 sand timer; Rule Sheet and LOTS of FUN!
  • Game components made with recyclable or recycled content wherever possible

Always be mindful of your dogs' behaviour and monitor their interactions. Not all dogs are social or like to be surrounded with lots of people. Be conscious of your dog(s) feelings, if your dog starts to show signs of fatigue, weariness or stress, please stop the game immediately and give them a break in the action!

Customer Reviews

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Robin Gardner-Gee
Easy fun game

We have played this game repeatedly in the last few weeks since we bought it- took it on holiday and played it with kids and dog which was heaps of fun, but we also play a quieter solo game at home in the evenings.

It is a fun way to entertain the dog, and sneak in some sound training at the same time. Activities can easily be adapted to the capabilities of the dogs and human players. Main rule is have fun!

Lucy the dog pricks up her ears when the box comes out, so that's got to be a good sign!

This makes me very happy to see, thanks so much for sharing!! So glad everyone enjoys it and it works so well for everyone!! <3