Flirt Pole Squishy Face


Mentally & Physically Stimulating


A piece of exercise equipment for dogs that entices a dog to chase a fast moving lure. Often used for training or simply to get a dog to exert a lot of energy in a small space.

The idea is to move the lure so that the dog cannot catch it easily, i.e., "flirt" with the dog.

To prevent the dog from catching the lure too easily, you can move the pole (and lure) faster, snap the pole to change directions, or swing the lure in the air, just out of the dog’s reach.

It is important for the dog's mental wellbeing that they are allowed to catch the lure after they have chased it a bit.

  • The difference between the two Flirt Pole sizes relates to the size of your play area. We recommend a minimum unobstructed space of 4.5x4.5m to use the regular size Flirt Pole. The Compact size is much easier to use in play areas smaller than that.
    • Regular size flirt pole has a 90cm pole section and 1.3m cord
    • Compact size available for smaller play areas with 60cm pole and 1m cord
  • 1 free Squishy Face lure included
  • Made in the USA using components tested for durability, strength, safety and light weight (weighs less than a pound)
  • Bungee cord to prevent “whiplash” when lure is caught
  • Can be used with dogs of any size
  • Soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap for easy handling

PLEASE NOTE: The Flirt Pole is not designed to be used as a tug toy. Never let your dog play with the Flirt Pole unsupervised. It will not survive as a chew toy. Always put it away after use. Do not allow your dog to chew on the bungee cord. Check cord frequently for damage and discontinue use if damage is found.

Customer Reviews

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Toby loves his flirt pole, thank you :)

Awesome, will be so great to teach him some control over his arousal levels. We are so glad he loves it! :)