GoughNuts Sticks

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Time for your dog to Go Nuts!


GoughNuts specialises in making durable dog toys for tough chewers that are safe and fun to play with.
Each toy - except the 'toughest' - is built with a patented safety indicator where red signals to stop. ...
We are here to challenge the toughest chewers with the Heavy-Duty Range: TOUGHEST!
Comes with an extended 9 months One-Time Replacement Guarantee. Click 'More Info' for details on this and to help you choose the right size.

  • The GoughNuts Sticks are designed to give pups and dogs a safer, tougher chew toy for chomping.
  • Made in the USA using engineered carbon reinforcement for added durability.
  • Each GoughNuts toy has two layers — the inner core is always red to serve as a safety indicator. Red means 'stop', so when a dog chews down to this red layer, you know it’s time to replace the ring.
  • The 'Toughest' does not have the red core as it would actually weaken its toughness, so pet parents need to use judgement when it's time to replace.
  • The GoughNuts Stick encourages activity and supports a healthy lifestyle.
  • Easy to clean, just use warm water to wipe GoughNuts clean after a long day of playing.

No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always supervise and remove if pieces would be chewed off.

But what if my dog doesn't take to the GoughNuts toy? Read here our offer!


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Blake Wells
He likes it but…

Marlow likes the toy but seems to think it’s a tug of war / fetch toy and doesn’t really use it for chewing that much.

Fair, that happens with some dogs. We do have an offer for pre(un)loved GoughNuts to be returned to us if tug of war wasn't really what you were after and you'd rather have something to chew for Marlow.

Chanelle Byron
Staffy proof

2 weeks in and my staffy hasn’t ripped it apart 👏🏻 he loves his Goughnut stick

Doing its job then, that's great! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Gabby M
A new favourite

Our staffy loves his new goughnut stick.
Nice and soft for him to chew on, but durable, he hasn’t made a dent in it so far. Will definitely look at purchasing more goughnut items going forward :)

What an absolutely gorgeous boy. Thanks so much for sharing! <3

Jennifer Ross
Our dog has met his chewing match!

Our dog is a heavy chewer bit several weeks on, you can't see any marks on the Goughnuts stick!
Staff at Kiwi Canine were great and really helpful. Delivery super quick 😊

That's awesome Digby is enjoying the GoughNuts Stick, yay! :)

Hibiscus Girl
Goughnuts are a Fav in our Household

Yep, ticks the boxes. Longevity with these long lasting chew toys as all of our 4-leggeds are extreme toy chewers. We have a selection of goughnut toys, highly recommended.

That's so great to hear that the pooches get to chew to their hearts' content. Thanks so much for the review! :)