Mega Egg


For Jolly Good Fun


Keep your dog busy for hours with this Mega Egg toy! It has an innovative egg-shaped design that means they can never quite get a grip on the toy, but they love to try! These eggs are made from durable, non-toxic plastic designed to resist punctures and their constant erratic motion helps to keep your dog entertained. Durable and fun, what a great combo!

The Mega Egg is great for solo play and since it constantly escapes your dog by "shooting" out from under them, it engages your dog's natural desire to pounce and chase/hunt, push and herd which makes it a great safe and fun outlet for their instincts.

Dimensions (& Suitability):

  • Small: 12.50 x 8cm (Dogs <7kg)
  • Medium: 17.80 x 11.10cm (Dogs 7-28kg) 
  • Large: 25.40 x 15.90cm (Dogs >28kg) 

PRODUCT NOTE: We recommend choosing an egg size that is bigger than your dog's mouth so that they get the maximum amount of playtime and enjoyment from the toy.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Diggle
Great fun

I got the large size due to ruby being a 41kg rotti , in hindsight could have got the next size down , she will play with it for a while but gets frustrated because she can’t pick it up. But that could the whole idea.
No regrets about buying it , you people have a great range of product’s

Hi Sue, Thanks for the review and video. Sorry to hear she can get a bit frustrated after a while. You are right, that it is the whole idea that the egg-shaped design means the dogs can never quite get a grip on the toy. I would suggest to pop the toy away before she gets frustrated and over time increase the time she gets to play with it as she is only rehearsing the joyful play rather than any frustrated one.