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Keep your dog busy for hours with this Mega Egg toy! It has an innovative egg-shaped design that means they can never quite get a grip on the toy, but they love to try! These eggs are made from durable, non-toxic plastic designed to resist punctures and their constant erratic motion helps to keep your dog entertained. Durable and fun, what a great combo!

The Mega Egg is great for solo play and since it constantly escapes your dog by "shooting" out from under them, it engages your dog's natural desire to pounce and chase/hunt, push and herd which makes it a great safe and fun outlet for their instincts.

Dimensions (& Suitability):

  • Small: 12.50 x 8cm (Dogs <7kg)
  • Medium: 17.80 x 11.10cm (Dogs 7-28kg) 
  • Large: 25.40 x 15.90cm (Dogs >28kg) 

PRODUCT NOTE: We recommend choosing an egg size that is bigger than your dog's mouth so that they get the maximum amount of playtime and enjoyment from the toy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ursula McEntyre
Brilliantly simple!

Our two Kelpies love this toy! They push it round, send it flying and bring it back. It seems to appeal to their herding instincts. Ten minutes with the egg and they’re exhausted - gives them excellent mental stimulation as they can’t predict which way it will go. Love it!

Perfect! That's exactly how it's meant to be used. So glad it's a hit with these two! <3

Great toy for chewers

We have a super aggressive chewer. Tennis balls are shredded in minutes and our boy loves balls. The egg shape means he can’t get his teeth into it and it slips and slides around the place, making for hilarious games. It’s still in one piece after a few weeks, and I expect it will stay that way. I bought the largest size, which is why he can’t destroy it.

Perfect, so it works exactly as intended for your boy, love to hear it <3

Fun and durable

My Lab puppy loved the egg and was most excited to chase it across the wooden floors. Although I did get her the medium size as she is still a pup, I could really have done with getting her the large size as she can put it in her mouth. Labs, eh! A good durable cost-effective toy for her.

Nice, so glad she enjoys it. Would love to see a video of her having fun. <3

Will Mathieson
Neo loves it! But not robust enough for his teeth

Our blue heeler has a great time playing with this toy. However, he finds it easy to bite holes in it which I don't think is great for his teeth. We have the largest size. Would be a 5 star review if it was more robust

That's impressive that the Heeler manages to pick it up so easily. Glad he enjoys it, but yes, it's almost as if it's not quite big enough for his mouth. I don't think I'd be majorly concerned about his teeth from making a few marks like that over the couple of years he has had it. But I would certainly continue to keep a real good eye on the toy, so you can remove it when it's too broken to be safe anymore. It's great Leo loves it! :)

Laura H
Great for herding breeds

I have one of these for my heeler, is great for some evening entertainment. I do supervise as it tends to get stuck under furniture!

Fair enough, wouldn't want to get your house destroyed because of it. :D It is indeed great for herding breeds! Or any 'intense' kind of dogs. :)