LED Light Collar


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Always know where your friend is, even in the dark!


Walking your dog in the dark and always a bit worried which way they were headed? No more! Always know where they are with this Silicone LED collar for night safety!

This silicone/plastic click lock collar is individually adjustable for dogs from tiny to extra large - simply cut it to size.

  • Up to 3.5 hours flashing light, up to 1.5 hours continuous light
  • Visibility: up to 400m
  • Measurements: 70 cm / ø 10 mm
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Charging time is about 30 minutes; fully charged when red light turns off

Please note that this 'collar' is not to be used as a lead attachment point!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works well

I like that there are options for blinking or not. Easy to cut to size. Holds charge well. Not only can I now see where Polly is, but the glow actually helps me to see in the dark too!

That's a good point, she can help you see the path ahead. Thanks for sharing and especially for always including all the lovely Polly pics. <3

Bright, colourful and perfect for our pooches.

I was nervous about the sizing for these-but they come quite big and it’s super easy to cut to size. They’re really bright so I feel more confident letting our 2 off leash at dusk hours. Really happy with my purchase and think they’re good value for money.

That is so great to hear that you are happy with the collars. I love the photo, thanks so much for sharing! Looks like you and the dogs will have a great time at dusk hours. :)

Vikki Hart
LED light collar - Fantastic!

This light up collar is great for those evening walks especially as the days draw in. I am able to let my pooch off the lead at the park after dusk and not loose sight of her. Easy to size to any dog and rechargeable. Nice bright light with flashing or constant settings. This is a great buy and highly recommended for anyone who walks after dark.

Yay, glad Toffee can run free in the dark without you having to worry. Thanks for the review! <3