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Ball on a String


A ball is the most popular dog toy and training equipment, so it should be well designed in first class quality. Since playing fetch is not always healthy, a ball on a rope is the perfect replacement to get some tugging and training in between throws.

The LIKER is lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to throw with the line. Due to its unique shape it may slightly change the flight path, adding excitement to the game. It cannot break the window or knock down an object, in contrast to the heavy tennis ball.

The LIKER balls are made out of a unique proprietary material (not rubber) that is safe, nontoxic, scentless, lightweight, durable, strong, and does not damage or wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. The resilient material actually lets your dog’s teeth sink deep inside it, without the ball losing its shape and strength.

Dogs love the gentle squishy feeling when they munch and chomp down on the LIKER ball and it quickly becomes a favourite. This toy is not intended to be used as an unsupervised chew toy, but it's no issue if the dog chomps on it as they run around with it. Just remove the LIKER when the interactive play session is over.

If you and your dog enjoy water games, the LIKER balls also float. They float high on the water so your dog can grab them without ingesting a lot of water.

It's a tug toy for our more gentle players. If your dog likes it a bit rougher, check out our GiGwi Ball with Handle.

Note that it's only the ball that's intended for dog teeth and the handle is for humans to hold on to, therefore the toy will likely not last long if left for the dog to play on their own or tugged between two dogs. It's a tug toy for dog-human play.

Customer Reviews

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Raewyn Mullan
Great Ball on rope

Very impressed with this ball on a rope toy. Lightweight, strong and my dog loves it. Highly recommend

Awesome, that's great to hear, thanks for sharing! :)

Jan Macdonald

Great for throwing as it goes a long distance. Unfortunately, the handle was too tempting for Lucy and she chewed through it very quickly.

Sorry to hear. Maybe look at our tug toys where the handle is part of the chew, like the GoughNuts Tug for big dogs with strong jaws or otherwise the WestPaw Bumi, WestPaw Seaflex Snorkl and Beco Tough Tugger. They are also all guaranteed.

Toy swap

I got two of these to help introduce my dog to fetching. They are nice and light, durable and float nicely in the water too. Thank you!

The good old toy swap, that's great. Glad Percy loves them. :)

Dogs favorite

The liker balls have been the favorite for all my dogs. So much so that I bought two and had them made into pocket tugs with elastic and nylon. Elastic is a must with a big dog. 😊

Nice work! Thanks for sharing :)

Good in theory, but not in reality

The handle disintegrated very quickly. I know my dog isn't meant to chew the handle but he hadn't interacted with it much until it came undone. I like the idea of it though

Thanks for the review! If you like the idea but this one wasn't quite up to your dog's play style, maybe try this one:
Feel free to message me for a wee discount given you didn't have the best experience with the one you got. :)