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High Quality Training Lead Long Line


A must for guardians of any dog in training and also all others that want to have a relaxed walk in on-leash areas. A long line allows your dog to make good choices whilst being safe and gives you the chance to relax and reinforce all the good stuff. Always to use on a backclip-harness. These long lines hardly soak up water.
  • Available in 5m, 7.5m or 10m length, please note that due to the hand manufacturing process the length can vary by about 50cm.

  • Double Braided Polyester Rope made from a polyester sheath and core. High strength, low stretch, torque free, excellent wet/dry abrasion resistance and wet/dry strength. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals.
    Please note that these are NOT Nylon Long Lines. Nylon absorbs water while polyester does not. 

  • Zinc base carabiner, nickel plated, with swivel snap hook

Produced locally in Christchurch, New Zealand

Please note: These long lines are of the absolute best quality, being made to last and are great value to money. However, if your dog is a REALLY strong puller or constantly drags their long line through the water, you might want to consider our Biothane Long Lines instead as they might be nicer on your hands and easier to clean in those cases.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 70 reviews
    Sarah VE
    A must have for recall training

    I now have 10m and 5m long leads from here and they are amazing. After years of use my 10m shows no pulls or tears. It's nice to not have to worry about breaking lines. My dog loves being able to explore safely and when it gets dirty I just shove it in the washing machine.

    I love that photo, added it to the product page <3
    Thanks so much for sharing your review, especially as it's a longtime one which is very helpful. :)

    Aimee Bell

    We enjoy using the long line as it gives the dog some freedom in our walks to explore where he wishes and allows him to go places we may not be able to follow (e.g. burrowing into bushes). Two things: 1) When we first got the long line it was a bit slippery and hard to hold onto especially if he saw something he wanted to chase (he is quite strong on the lead), this has however resolved itself as we have worn the lead in; 2) 5m is probably not long enough, next time would go for a longer line. Overall, happy with the product.

    Glad you are happy with the long line and thanks so much for the detailed review!
    I find it also takes some time for both dog and handler to get used to using a long line.
    Nowadays I love using 5m but a few years ago I was exclusively using 10m, so it really depends on personal preference and the dog.
    We actually have an intermediate option now as well, at 7.5m if you ever wanted to get a longer one. :)
    To more bush burrowing for your boy :D

    Wayne Pool
    Long line

    Our dog is deaf & blind so always has to be on a lead.
    She loves to swim.
    This lead has been great for giving her some additional freedom to run & swim.

    Oh, bless her, that's so amazing you can give her so much freedom. Thanks so much for sharing! <3


    The 10m long line is great for when I take my dog for a swim and walks. Hopefully my dog doesn't chew through this line.

    Awesome, glad to hear it. The M/L is pretty solid, but of course not meant for chewing. Enjoy the walks and swims. :)

    Colleen Reid
    Light and sturdy

    Bought it for my small dog so she could have the illusion of freedom in on-lead areas. It’s light weight and strong. The clip is a good size and the lead doesn’t get tangled. Very happy with it.

    Perfect, so happy to hear, I am sure your dog loves it too. Thanks so much for sharing :)