Magic Destuffer


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This unique, thick natural rubber ball with ingenious, patented honeycomb design is non-toxic and comes filled with fleece strips. Your dog can de-stuff this toy again and again, and the stuffing 'magically' comes back (when you re-stuff it). 

Gone are the days of endless fluff from de-stuffed ducks all over the house. If your pup loves to de-stuff, they will love this! 

  • Standard: 13cmØ (suitable for all dogs)
  • Tiny: 9cmØ (only suitable for really small dogs, not for chewers)

Colours may vary from photo.

Like all toys, be sure to supervise and especially on the first few uses remove once the intended fun is over, in this case once destuffed either remove or restuff. :) Not intended for chewing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Neil Robertson
Great toy

Amazing toy - my pooch just loves it!

Fantastic, great to hear! :)

Great product

The magic destuffer is great entertainment for our very busy young heading dog, especially with a few treats hidden inside. Very happy with the purchase.

Fantastic, so glad he's enjoying it! <3

Amanda T
Great toy with multiple options

This has been a hit with our 7 month old Staffy puppy. He knew what to do with it straight away. He loves unstuffing it both with and without treats. He also runs around with the strips like they’re flags and loves the ball by itself too. In short, it’s fab!

Yay, that sure sounds like he's making the most of it! Thanks for sharing! <3

Rhonda Tomlin
This toy is a winner! My large, busy, destructive 6mth old poodle destuffs it daily.

Definitely a great addition to the toy basket to keep my girl occupied when I'm busy. She loves it and it's not hard to re-stuff. I totally recommend this for the dee-stuffers out there.

Yay, so glad it's a hit with your pup!! <3

Kat Smith
Great toy with lots of uses!

I bought this for my huntaway × bearded collie Aiko as she used to love destroying stuffed animals so thought it would be a good alternative to having stuffing all over the house! She instantly loved pulling the fabric out and we have also used it for enrichment with some hidden treats inside. Also great to use as a ball without the fabric and also for tug of war so definitely a versatile dog toy! The only downside I would say is that the fabric is easily chewed through hence only a 4 star review, but once the fabric has been well-used we will stuff this with old socks/clothes so it can still be unstuffed by Aiko!

So glad it's a hit with Aiko! You can also buy a replacement set of the fleece later on or get some Possum tails as stuffing instead. :) But as you say you can use old towels, blankets, clothes, etc.