Magic Destuffer


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This unique, thick natural rubber ball with ingenious, patented honeycomb design is non-toxic and comes filled with fleece strips. Your dog can de-stuff this toy again and again, and the stuffing 'magically' comes back (when you re-stuff it). 

Gone are the days of endless fluff from de-stuffed ducks all over the house. If your pup loves to de-stuff, they will love this! 

  • Standard: 13cmØ (suitable for all dogs)
  • Tiny: 9cmØ (only suitable for really small dogs, not for chewers)

Colours may vary from photo.

Like all toys, be sure to supervise and especially on the first few uses remove once the intended fun is over, in this case once destuffed either remove or restuff. :) Not intended for chewing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews

The dogs love it. I spend heaps of time restuffing the ball, haha.
Just watch out for heavy chewers as the ball isn't that tough for strong jawed dogs.

So glad the dogs love it! :)
Definitely not intended for chewing, so it's good you supervise.

Christina O’Brien
Destuffer Destuffed

I purchased 2 so each dog had their own. Both reacted differently, one pulled a few out and got fed up, the other persevered to remove all. I put some treats in the middle to see how they would remove them. Our female was using her head and removed the strips to get to the treats, easy when empty so they roll out but our boy would take a few out, find the treat and try and lick it out. Didn’t work for him, he was also getting his lower jaw stuck. He would rather chew on the rubber. I would recommend but to watch them with it. My girl also started chewing the strips which she just about chewed through on one of them. Standard Dachshunds have strong chewing ability so definitely recommend you keep an eye on what they’re doing. And I purchased on seeing the Daxway Dachies enjoying theirs.(Where our 2 are from)

Thanks for taking the time to review in detail. Great you are supervising them and making sure it's safe play. If your Dachshunds are more into chewing than destuffing, there are other toys as well we can recommend, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Carol Carter
Daxway Dachshunds

Oh my gosh! All my dogs love destuffing these balls. And they are super tuff. My Dachshunds love to destroy every toy but this one is heard to beat. Highly recommended.

Looks like it is indeed the perfect toy for them, they look so stoked! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and video!! <3


Great product. My dog loves it

Yay, thanks for sharing <3


Miss Gracie our LaB pup loves finding little bits of kibble hidden in this and pulling out fabric to get to it.

I bet the Lab loves finding the kibble :D So glad it's a hit, thanks for sharing! <3