Magic Destuffer


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This unique, thick rubber ball comes filled with fleece strips. Your dog can de-stuff this toy again and again, and the stuffing 'magically' comes back (when you re-stuff it). 

Gone are the days of endless fluff from de-stuffed ducks all over the house. If your pup loves to de-stuff, they will love this! 

  • Standard: 13cmØ (suitable for all dogs)
  • Tiny: 9cmØ (only suitable for really small dogs, not for chewers)

Colours may vary from photo.

Like all toys, be sure to supervise and especially on the first few uses remove once the intended fun is over, in this case once destuffed either remove or restuff. :) Not intended for chewing.

Customer Reviews

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We bought the larger size. Freddy, our 10 month heeler, loves this toy and it is standing up to use well. He has become so good at pulling the strips out that we will attach a couple of strips to the ball’s divisions with a half hitch to slow him down, then stuff the ends into the ball.
Down side, the strips become quite slobbery not a problem for Freddy but a bit yuck for Mum when restuffing, especially if she’s busy doing something else….trying to cook etc but the strips wash well and dry quickly. He also likes to swing it round, carry it and chase it.
An excellent toy.

Chrissy Turnhout

my wee dog likes it and had a lot of fun with it. unfortunately she managed to chew through the ball the first time she played with it. i was watching her and she wasn’t that rough so i think i need to get the bigger one as it looks sturdier.

Sounds like the Standard one will be perfect for her! Sorry to hear the Tiny didn't last long for her, unfortunately the sturdy style doesn't come in smaller size. Great that she enjoyed it while it lasted. :)


This is amazing and I can't believe I've never come across anything like this before! My dog pulls the stuffing out of all her toys, and there's constantly that white crispy filling all over the floor - it's horrible to touch. This destuffer is a game changer, not only can she pull the pieces out, I can stuff them back in so she can do it over and over (and over!!) This toy is a success!!

Ha! Thanks for the review!
That's so great you found a game changer and this stuffing is even nice to touch. :)

Jillian Voight
Magic destuffer

Fantastic toy - Daisy loves it both stuffed and unstuffed! Also fantastic service - will definitely be purchasing more from Kiwi Canine 😀

Thanks so much for your support, Jillian. So great Daisy is enjoying the toy. Be in touch if you have any questions. :)

A match for the destroyer

Instant hit with our lab Cuán the destroyer of toys. Previous ‘world’s toughest’ toys have lasted 20 minutes. The destuffer has been destuffed & restuffed many times & we’ve bought another for one of his doggie cuzzies (also a destroyer) in the UK.

That's so awesome that our Magic Destuffer is making it across to the other side of the world, proud moment here. <3 That's so cool that he isn't destroying the Destuffer but rather just enjoys the action of destuffing itself, thank for sharing! Love the photo too! <3

On another note, I would bet that Cuán won't destroy our 'world's toughest' toy, the Large Toughest Goughnuts Ring with a 9 months replacement guarantee. Have you checked those out?