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New York Times' Best Dog Nail Clipper


Millers Forge has been a premium manufacturer of pet grooming and related products that are used by veterinarians, pet groomers and pet owners worldwide for over 65 years.

Not only is this nail trimmer one that will last years if not a lifetime (unlike most that only get worse as you use them), it is also extremely good at its job. The best tool for trimming nails as it's sharp, can take off tiny precise slices and is suitable for most dogs except giant breeds. It produces the quickest, neatest trim and is the least stressful for both - pet and handler. Easy to use, easy to see the nail, cuts thinly and is very sharp for working around the quick.

This nail trimmer is a no-nonsense tool that cuts cleanly, consistently, comfortably, and effortlessly without losing its edge or hurting your hands. The red-handled clipper is easily manoeuvrable and has a metal bar guard to stop you from cutting too much nail at once if you like to use it - most people tend to just move this out of the way in practise though. With the spring-loaded cutting mechanism you get a smooth and clean cut with less noise and more comfort for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Durable plier-style nail clipper
  • Quality-made of stainless steel to withstand years of use
  • Comfortable red plastic grip for secure hold. Please note that the red handle cover can be removed and some find it more comfortable to glue it in place so it doesn't ever slip off.
  • Spring-loaded cutting mechanism for more precise cutting action
  • Easy to use latch to lock the trimmers closed for storage and maintenance, protecting the blades
  • Built-in guard can be moved into position to prevent over-cutting of nails
  • 12.7 cm long, 60g

Have an anxious dog around handling? Maybe this blog post will provide some guidance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
So easy to use

My dog is only slightly averse to having her nails trimmed, but these made it next level easy - I used them while she was laying on her side and she didn't even bother getting up to protest! They make a lot less of a "click" noise when cutting the nail than the other clippers, which I think helps make it less scary for the dog.

That's fantastic! I had already worked on making nail clipping only slightly averse too, but I found when I started using these clippers my dogs became less and less averse with every use. I wonder if it's not even just the noise but also the feeling, less 'crushy'..

Natasha Beale
Best nail clippers hands down

I use these nearly every day. Worth their weight in gold. Quiet, sharp, easy to hold and use.

That's so great. It really turns nail clipping from this dreaded once a month chore to a regular easy exercise. <3

Fast delivery

When you realise your current clippers just aren't 'cutting it', turn to the favourite Millers Forge clippers

Hehe, true that! :)

Nail Clippers

Thanks so much for my doggies new clippers! So easy to use on the Chihuahua and Whippet/hunterway. Superfast easy delivery. Would totally recommend Kiwi Canine.

Fantastic, thanks so much for the lovely feedback! :)

Wendy Timpson
Miller's nail clippers

I brought these nail clippers purely on the reviews....DONT! They are cheap and nasty! Made in Taiwan. Red handle fell off on first use! The nail guard is floppy and useless.....VERY DISAPPOINTED ☹️

Sorry to hear you are disappointed. It does say on the product description: 'Please note that the red handle cover can be removed and some find it more comfortable to glue it in place so it doesn't ever slip off.'
These are the originial Millers Forge clippers that you see recommended by pretty much all nail experts around the world. But I will say I have never used the nail guard personally as I prefer to judge the correct cut-off amount myself based on the individual nail, so I wouldn't be able to comment on that part - I just move it out of the way.
Have you been able to try an actual cut on a dog's nail? If so, I would assume the cut was much smoother than any other clipper you have used?