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The Ultimate Tug Toy


PULLER is an interactive toy for owner and dog that allows you to give your pet a very intensive workout in a short period of time.

PULLER is very light, odourless, floats and due to its special material doesn't injure the dog's teeth or gums.


Mini: 7.5" diameter - 1" thickness (for XS to S dogs)
Midi: 7.5" diameter - 1.3" thickness (for S to M dogs)
Standard: 11.25" diameter - 1.5" thickness (for M to XL dogs)
Maxi: 11.75" diameter - 2" thickness (for L to XL dogs)

Note that it's a toy for interactive tug play between human and dog, therefore the toy will likely not last long if left for the dog/s to play on their own. It's a tug toy for front teeth biting and tugging, not back teeth gnawing.

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Great toy

The dog LOVES these. They are soft enough for it to get its teeth into, but can support the weight of the dog hanging off one (20kg). Great for fetch or tug of war. Having 2 rings means if the dog won't give the toy up they will drop it when you show them the second ring.
Our dog is a real chewer and it still took about a year to destroy the last set, but we didn't leave it out as a chew toy.

Thanks for the review, very well explained. Great you guys love it. We'd love to see a photo of your pooch! <3

Barbara Mavor
Busy puppy

We have a puppy with a damaged leg and too much energy right but the pullers have been great in expending some energy and keeping her amused. Looking forward to her really getting to run after them when the leg is healed.

Thanks for leaving the review. Hopefully your pup feels much better soon!

Angela Saywell
Super fun for keen chasers

Great chase toy. Direction of roll can be changed by the angle you throw it.
I suspect it won't last long if used regularly as a tug toy. The material doesn't appear to be holding up too well to big teeth.

Hi Angela, Thanks for leaving your feedback. The material is made to have teeth sink in which is why the dogs love it so much. If not left with the dog to use the back teeth on it, you'll be surprised how long it will last you. :)