Puppy Ice Block


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Icy Pockets for Much Needed Relief


Relieve your puppy's teething pain with JW's® Puddle Stone Pop™ Puppy Teether. 

This teething toy has grooves to allow water to freeze and create icy pockets that gives your puppy much needed relief from achy gums caused by teething. As your puppy chews, the soft rubber and textured surface gently massages gums while the icy grooves provide pain relief. When the teething phase is over, turn this freez-ee teether toy into a fun treat-ee toy by spreading peanut butter or toothpaste made for dogs into the grooves of the toy and freeze that.

To freeze, pour water into the grooves of the toy, then freeze. When water is frozen, simply give the toy to your puppy.

  • Safe & natural way to ease teething pain & satisfy chewing instincts
  • Durable rubber & varying textures relieve teething pain
  • Use as treat toy by spreading peanut butter into grooves
  • Spread toothpaste into grooves for increased dental cleaning benefits
  • Icy grooves soothe achy gums
  • 200grams - L 10.4cm x W 8.4cm x H 3.8cm

PRODUCT NOTE: This toy is for supervised play only. It is important to regularly inspect all of your pet's toys and replace them if any part becomes damaged or separated. Intended for pets only. Not a child's toy.

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Meghan Mackay
Love the idea of this

This was exactly what I was looking for for my 5month old teething pup. She loves ice and chewing so thought this would go down a treat. Only tried it twice and she was a bit confused and lost interest quickly. I’ll try again now she’s a bit older and has her back molars coming through.

Thanks for the review! Try adding some broth or if you ever have meat in the house you could also add some of the bloody juices from the package to make it more enticing. Adding something yummy makes the whole thing more enticing and gets them more motivated to give it a good go. :)