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The Communication Buttons 4-Pack


If you have always wondered what your dog has to say, now is your chance to find out. Now, you can learn how to teach your dog to talk with buttons. Using recordable dog training buttons is a fun way to increase the communication that you already have with your dog. It is also something that, with a little bit of practice, every dog can use to communicate at least basic things like wanting a walk or to play.

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  • Pack of 4 x Talking buttons (1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Blue) - records full sentence cues, messages are re-recordable so reuse time and time again.

Not Included:

  • Batteries 2 x AAA NOT included

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Star Girl
So many possibilities

These arrived SUPER fast. They are exactly as described, and really easy to record. We actually got them for an expo stand, to record different bird noises - and they work perfectly for that purpose. I also thought Miss 10 yrs could reuse them for school project presentations, or the grandparents could record good night stories / sayings for Mstr 2 yrs. As for the dogs..... I might need to wait until the puppy isn't going to chew them onsight before attempting training :-)

Love all the different use cases described. Thanks so much for this lovely review! <3

Diana Martin
The dogs love them!

I went halves in a pacj with a friend today. My 3 border collies are used to working things out, so within minutes of the buttons being on the floor, the two busiest were hitting the buttons while the third watched and got the rewards too. I put recorded Walk and Hungry as they seemed like high reward activities. In the space of an hour we did 4 short walks and had 3 small extra dinners each. I then put the buttons away. One dog uses her nose, the other skates the button around until he accidentally activates it. I need to make them non slip for ease of use. I also need more buttons!

Haha, I love that! 4 extra walks and 3 extra dinners... your dogs must be in paradise :D
I like the 'Treat Toy' one as well where they can ask for enrichment. But like with most buttons they also couldn't be out 24/7.
Keep up the great work with the buttons. Sounds like a lot of fun and enrichment in itself.

John Robertson
They are exactly as described but

First a big thumbs up to Kiwi Canine. Great service, rapid delivery.
The talking buttons are OK, the sound quality is a little bit scratchy and it would be nice to have a bit more volume so you can hear them behind a closed door The weakest link is my miniature poodle. He's not terribly food motivated so asking for a treat is a bit pointless, he has a dog door and a big back yard which he has used since he was a puppy so going out if he needs to is a non-event and he has me well trained about walkies, when he wants to go to the dog park he looks at me funny.
So why buy a dog button? I am an early riser and he has taken to greating me when I get up then back to his crate for another 45 mins nap then he scratches on my office door to be let in. Great I thought, I'll train him to press the button which says "let me in" and not scratch up the door. So far, after many training attempts, he hasn't once used the button. I'm listing that as a work in progress.
I gave 2 of the buttons to my brother who has a very smart collie, it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Yeah, that would be a tricky training challenge as the door scratching has always worked and presumably still is working. It sounds like he really enjoys walkies, so I wonder if a good first step would be to get him to push the button before you open the door to leave the house, so he can start making the connection.
Glad they got there quickly. Hopefully you guys can work it out, so the wee man can ask for things through the buttons. :)


Great price and perfect for what I needed it for. Lovely colours as well

Awesome, that sounds great. Enjoy communicating with your dog through the buttons! :)

Lateisha Eddy
Amazing product

These are super cool, I have a super smart cavachon who now demands to play with her buttons every evening if I’m not already onto it. They are super good quality and easy to use and record

Layla is indeed such a smart girl, we love that you shared this with us, thanks so much! <3