RuffDawg Buster


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For the toughest toy…who ya gonna call? DAWG-BUSTER!


Ruff Dawg’s toughest toy yet, this indestructible toy is designed to stand up to the most intense play! The bright high-visibility neon colours that won’t get lost in the grass or the pool. Made from premium solid rubber the Buster can take serious abuse during heavy play, while staying gentle on teeth and gums.

Covered by our extended 9-months Replacement Guarantee.

Key features:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Floats and has a high bounce
  • Recyclable and FDA Approved
  • Free of phthalates, latex and BPAs
  • Comes in assorted colours
  • 21.5 x 5.7 cm for medium dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amy Melchior
Not for my boy

Hi, unfortunately is the one toy he has never touched. He loves to play and is an aggressive chewer (short haired border collie cross pointer). We had lots of chats about what would suit him and last long, and the other toy (soda pub honey bear) was perfect. But this he just doesn’t like, its very heavy which could be the issue or the texture of the rubber? It doesnt have much give but is slightly jelly like to the touch. I dont know why but this one was a fail for my boy. I even tred rubbing peanut butter on it to see if that would entice him hahaha 🤣 but no wont touch it!

Ah, that's a pity. I am surprised to hear it given the toys he has destroyed in the past, but I guess even though the Buster is pretty soft, he just can't get his teeth into it and it sounds like that's what he is looking to do which is why he enjoys the Benebone, he can slowly break away on it. Or of course food toys and chews are a hit too. I think on the replacement guarantee items you want to stick more to the medium range of SodaPup and WestPaw. You had back then enquired about the GougNuts and I still think if RuffDawg is a no, then GoughNuts which is even heavier and less soft wouldn't be a hit either for him. Hopefully you can donate the Buster to a local rescue - the dogs there will love it :D

The best!

My boy chews everything, he brings logs of wood inside from the woodpile and chews them to pieces, he has deer antlers that he naws on, I wanted something softer for him to play with and have a little chew (supervised). This toy is the best, it's his favourite toy and to date he hasn't been able to destroy it, he absolutely loves it!

That sounds like the perfect match, fantastic to hear - and thank you so much for the photo, I added it to the product pics above! <3

Awesome quality

I expected this not to last with my two chewers because it's quite soft rubber. I was pleasantly surprised. It is showing no signs of being destroyed yet!

Honestly, I was the same when we got them the first time. After touching the rubber I was sure they'd all be coming back under the guarantee, but I think we had altogether only 2 come back which is astounding! So glad it's working well for your guys as well <3