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High Frequency Recall Whistle


This individually tuneable whistle is very quiet to the human ear but will be perceived by dogs because of their bigger audio frequency. Dogs primarily react to tones and acoustic signals and learn easier with consistent sounds. The sounds of the high frequency whistle differ clearly from the ones the dog is surrounded by day to day.

The pitch of the high frequency whistle can be set with the help of a screw that is under the plastic cap. The higher sounds are for a close range, the lower sounds for longer distances. The pitch can be fixed with the nut below the adjusting screw.

Tip: if the cap cannot be removed, please hold the whistle under warm water.

Key features:

  • frequency guard guarantees a consistent tone frequency
  • individually tuneable
  • suitable for long distances
  • metal/plastic
  • measurements: 8 cm, 20g

A light whistle is completely sufficient, as sounds that are too loud can frighten your dog. Dogs have a significantly wider range of sounds and perceive the sounds of a high-frequency whistle with the same volume as the sounds from a normal dog whistle.

Training Tip: To establish a solid connection between the whistle and a highly valued reward is crucial. By forming this association, the recall process becomes seamless. Thus, it's imperative not to engage in training sessions when the dog is far away or distracted, as it may hinder the development of this association.
The method is straightforward: blow the whistle, then promptly provide the high-value reward. This should only be done when you can immediately deliver the reward to the dog after the whistle, even if the dog is right in front of you.
Consistent practice throughout the day for at least a month is recommended to solidify this association. Always ensure the whistle predicts something fantastic.
Furthermore, if your dog eagerly anticipates meal times, you can incorporate repetitions during feeding. Simply blow the whistle before serving their food. However, if your dog isn't enthusiastic about meals, it's best to stick to rewarding after the whistle with their favourite activities, such as a game of tug.
Note: You want to Pavlov the heck out of this training tool, meaning the sound of the whistle should always predict AMAZING stuff happening. Do be sure the whistle happens BEFORE the positive consequence rather than already reaching for the treat or toy and making the reach the predictor.

"Silent": The whistle is engineered to produce a relatively quiet sound audible in the human range to confirm it is working. The higher the pitch the less audible to the human it is.

Watch here how the frequency is adjusted, but beware: your pets might get irritated with all the whistling in the video, so maybe use headphones or go to a different room:

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Maureen Legge
Silent Whistle

I think this whistle is great! I can hear it as I blow which you need so you are not wasting your breath. My dog, who is only 17 weeks old, responds very quickly and comes directly to me.

Nice! It means you have paired it with great stuff, awesome training! :)