Snuffle Ball


Possibly the best Snuffle toy around


This Snuffle Ball is seriously different from others on the market! It will fit a whole meal while you can easily fill it in one go with a funnel. See for yourself:

How awesome is that!? And even though the filling is so user-friendly, the pup's playtime is no shorter for it.

Fill the Snuffle Ball up with your pup's favourite food or treats, toss the ball and let them go wild. Snuffle Balls are the perfect activity to enrich your dog both mentally and physically. Because sniffing activates the part of their brain responsible for releasing dopamine, this toy makes your dog happy while reducing boredom and stress. Fun times!

  • The rubber ball inside is 9cmØ and has plenty of holes to release the food upon tossing.

When trialling the prototype with Hank, we were sure he'd wreck it pretty quickly, but after pulling at the pieces a couple of times he noticed that wasn't the best strategy to get the treats out and went to tossing, pushing and snuffling. Took him 12 minutes to empty the small cup which is pretty long for him for a non-frozen toy. Consider us impressed!

Customer Reviews

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Snuffle ball

Not good for my dog (labraspoodle), he loves a puzzle toy but couldn’t get any of the food out no matter how much he tossed it around so resorted to shredding all the polar fleece strips.

It is quite challenging indeed. Sorry it was a bit too hard for your pooch. I'd recommend removing some strips to give the holes more room to release the food. You could always keep them and add them in once your pup got the hang of it. Alternatively check if you may want to use smaller treat/kibble pieces to make it easier. We are currently looking at adding an easier version of this ball, so great feedback!

Judy Fergusson
Rosie’s snuffle toy.

Rosie is more Lurcher than any other breed. She loves cloth toys so burying her nose in the knots and tossing it in the ear to spill out the treats is great fun. She loves toys and playing with them reduces the carnage on my cushions.

Ha, we'd love to see a video of beautiful Rosie playing with the Snuffle Ball, sounds awesome! <3

A great toy

My fox terriers love it! The 18 month old pup even sleeps with it ❤️

That is so cute! Enrichment feeder, toss-about toy and snuggle buddy! <3

Leanne Kennedy
A good mind challenge

Initially I thought Polly was just going to rip the strips off but once she worked out that did not help get the food out, she got more creative and the ball would be flying through the air with treats flying out like missiles. A really good challenge and a different way to eat dinner every now and then!

Yay, so glad to hear she figured it out! Once they do it's the BEST toy ever. :D

Julie S
Keeps pup busy

Took my pup a little while to catch on, but now the snuffle ball will keep him amused for ages and he loves batting it around searching for treats.

Yeah, it's certainly a bit more advanced, but oh, so much fun! <3