Snuffle Blanket


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Work your dog's brain and nose


With so many different treat hiding spots, your dog truly has the work cut out for them. Let your dog use their nose with our Snuffle Mats. Sniffing and searching are great activities for dogs which are entertaining while building calmness.

You can either use treats or if you'd like to slow your pup down with their usual meal (if you feed dry food) use your Snuffle Blanket.

Working for their food can also entice fussy eaters to be more engaged with their food.

It's important to ensure your dog has some problem solving skills and you help out initially to ensure they understand how to use the blanket.

Size: about 70cm with non-slip bottom


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tanya Blakely
Best enrichment toy ever!

We purchased one of these for our busy kelpie x lab puppy who was proving rather hard to entertain. We now feed him at least one of his meals in this a few times a week. It keeps him really busy and working hard for his food.

Go Pablo! That's so great he is enjoying the Snuffle Blanket. Thanks for the review!

Kaye Bell
Snuffle blanket

We’ve kept this as a special toy, bought out from time to time, rather than used on a daily basis, to keep it novel. Freddy, a 10 month old heeler, was a bit puzzled at first, but I put the treats in easier to find places, sat with him and encouraged him to search. He quickly got the idea and enjoys the mat.
Our young grandsons also enjoyed hiding his treats and watching him hunt for them, so an excellent toy, entertaining both the dog and children at the same time!

Awesome that the kids can get involved... I bet they love it with all the different kinds of hiding places. Thanks for the lovely review!

Tanya Pink

Next level snuffle mat! I’m really impressed with the quality construction. My dogs love it! Gave my nephew a job to do (filling it) when he was bored during a visit 😆

Haha, nephew enrichment. Why not!? :D

Philippa Bowron
Great stuff

This is awesome, it’s really robust - handles good strong teeth as well as providing a calming activity. Highly recommend.

Thanks for the awesome review, Philippa. Looks like it always works as a sleeping mat for your pup. :D

Mary Bamford
Snuffle Blanket

Billie loves her snuffle blanket. At first she wasn't sure what it was but soon worked it out. It is rather challenging for her which is really good. When she gets frustrated with it she picks it up and turns it upside down so all the treats fall out and then promptly eats them off the floor. Over time I will make it harder for her to get the treats out. This has been a great addition to her collection of snuffle mats, I highly recommend this product, thank you team Kiwi Canine.

Perfect that you are keeping it at the level where Billie gets to be successful. The snuffle blankets are certainly great fun! :)