Anti-bite Webbing Snuffle Mat


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A Sturdier Snuffle Mat


These Snuffle Mats made from Anti-bite Webbing are sturdier than our usual Snuffle Mats, but not quite as soft.

Snuffle Mats keep your dog's brain active and stimulated! Hide some dry food / treats in the folds of the snuffle mat and watch your dog hunt them by using their "sniffing skills" to locate the tasty stuff.

These machine-washable snuffle mats are energy consumers and boredom-killers, but also function as slow feeding toys to prevent your dog from gulping down food in a jiffy.

The slow feeding process reduces the speed of eating by 5 - 10 times.

Eating and treating has never been more fun!


  • ​Tough and Dense anti-bite webbing against gentle chews
  • Strong oxford fabric, cotton and water absorbent polyester
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • 4 suction cups for fixing on untextured hard wood floors, ceramic tiles, glass and metal surfaces

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
As described on the tin

This is large and definitely makes our girl work for it more. It adds a nice variety to her snuffle mats and a bit of an extra challenge when she’s feeling a little more frustrated (teenagers yay!). The suction cups however serve little to no purpose, don’t make them your purchase point.

Teenagers yay indeed :D That's great you've got some options and she finds this one challenging. Thanks for the review.
The suction cups are interesting as I've tried them on surfaces that I thought should work but didn't work at all and others where I could almost not get them off, but yes agreed that I wouldn't make it the purchase point either, to be safe.

Victoria Walsh
Great for big chewers

My dog destroys everything soft but this is durable enough he’s actually never tried to tear it apart! And he loves it! Tail wags the whole time.

That is so awesome. Snuffling is so great for them... lovely you found a mat that works for your dog! :)

The dogs love this one!

My dogs love having to find their food, and this snuffle mat is perfect for that. They don't seem to be too rough with it either, they find their biccies and leave it be - but the material feels quite tough.

Awesome, glad the Snuffle Mat is a hit. What dog doesn't love snuffling anyways, right!? :D

Jessica Watson
Fantastic product

Yes it's bite proof - tested by my Pittie x. Definitely still needs to be supervised as eventually he will be able to pull it apart (he destroys hard to destroy toys). Just my only thought is although the suction cups are great, it would be better if they were fixed to the mat underneath instead of the elastic as he still manages to sweep and pull the mat around. Overall I'm very happy, he loves it.

That's great feedback, thank you. Agreed that the suction cups could be in a better position.
So glad even your destroyer gets to use a Snuffle Mat. :)