SodaPup Honey Bear


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The new cutie in town


The Soda Pup Honey Bear is a fun treat dispensing enrichment toy to entice chewing and interaction! Fitting approximately 200g of Raw or a comparative amount of kibble in the large, this toy is one for every enrichment focused doggo! The toothed opening helps retain treats, creating a greater challenge for your dog to get at the goodies inside.

The Honey Bear Toy is designed to withstand the abuse of most "power chewer" dogs. This product is made from durable Natural Rubber.

Key features:

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA compliant, biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic natural material
  • Medium: 8.2x5.7cm, weighs 107grams
  • Large: 11.4x7.6cm, weighs 250grams.
  • Covered by our One-Time Replacement Guarantee if the toy no longer functions as it was intended to. Chew marks or damage including small chunks on the toy do not mean the toy is destroyed.

While no dog toy is indestructible, this toy has been tooth tested and holds up to the vast majority of dogs. Always supervise dog's play time and remove damaged toys.

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Amy Melchior
Honey Bear - Pedro loves it

This is a fantastic toy, its hard to get the treats out so it keeps my guy very engaged and he loves to bounce it all over the house. They are very easy to keep clean. And i can drop a spoon of peanut butter in there an he will chill on his bed for ages trying to lick it out. Perfect 👌

That sounds fantastic, so glad the Honey Bear is a hit with Pedro <3