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The "Invincibles" Squeak Snake


Featuring 2 layers of super-tough fabric, and special squeakers that continue to squeak after being punctured, these loveable, cuddly and durable toys are made to keep your pup playing longer!

While still cuddly and cute on the outside, these plush toys have a special Dura-Tuff inner lining and double-layered outer seams with a stronger binding to keep your pup's new best friends intact longer. The stuff-free design reduces messiness and multiple squeakers will keep your dog entertained even after they've bitten through. 

  • L (2 squeakers): 52 x 14 x 6cm
  • XL (6 squeakers): 102 x 10 x 5cm

Please note that the Squeak Snake is for squeaking, not chewing. While these are stronger soft toys - they are not truly "invincible". While the toy has a stronger seam on the outside, if left alone with your dog to chew and rip into it will not survive the sharp teeth of a persistent dog.

Do not leave unsupervised with your dog. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

Customer Reviews

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Calm fun

Excellent for calming play for super excitable and easily over aroused Winston.
One squeaker came broken so it rattles around which is an equally fun sound and 5 other squeakers is enough!

Thanks so much for the review WITH video (we LOOOOVE videos! :D)!
Sorry to hear one of the squeakers was broken. Are you sure pup is happy with the rattle instead of squeak? We would definitely be happy to query this with the manufacturer and get it replaced for you.
So glad to hear Winston loves it and funny that it's actually calming for him, awesome! <3

Erin Jones
An overall favourite!

The squeakers in each segment are tough and large enough that they make a great squeak. It's also durable! The snake very quickly became the go-to favourite toy in our house!

We have all seen the video of Juno's special approach to the squeaking. :D Thanks for the review!