Treat Pouch


Durable, Outdoor, Handmade, Quality Training Pouch


  • Solid, light-weight, wind and water resistant, durable and hard wearing Nylon Canvas
  • Cool & Durable Pockets - Spacious with 3 separate pockets
  • Main pocket can be cleared out easily by flipping it to the outside
  • Has zipper in front for keys, boo bags, phones, etc.
  • The zip pull allows for quick and easy opening and closing, even when wearing gloves
  • Drawstring with spring toggle (logo varies between tree, waves and sun style) on top to keep snouts out if needed
  • Available in green, red and grey, 16x19cm size
  • Designed by trainers, produced locally in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • All pouches come with a black belt (adjustable between 60-120cm lengths) with ladder lock so the excess bit of belt isn't dangling around
    • Get a Spare Belt here if you want to switch quickly between differently sized family members.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brian McKay
Treat pouch

It makes things so much more easier.

It does indeed aye? We never leave the house with the dogs without the pouch, all is in one place and easy reach. :)

Pouch is amazing with one exception

I use my treat pouch all the time. It holds extra chews for quiet down time on the go in the front compartment, as well as comfortably holding my phone securely in the zip pocket and the bag does not spill or close annoyingly while trying to use it. I have had compliments about it. I have bought this second one for a friend who admired the first one and was convinced once she realised that it would hold her phone which is larger than mine! I like how the inside can be cleared out by pulling out the flaps and tipping upside down.
My only issue is with the adjustment toggle/strap which I struggle to adjust quickly (eg. if need to wear over a winter coat on a walk then closer around my belt for indoor work).

So great you are getting so much use out of the treat pouch!
It's true that the belt isn't super quickly adjusted, but we found if it is easier adjustable it tends to widen while using which can get a bit annoying. We've had families that got a second belt, so the pouch could quickly be switched between the adults and kids. Maybe that's an option for the on top and under the jacket issue?

Aaron Duncan
Well designed and perfect for puppy training

I looked at a lot of treat pouches prior to purchasing this one, and have to say that the features are hard to beat for the price. It comes complete with a decent webbing belt complete with ladder lock for the belt tail so there are no flapping bits whe running with your dog.

I use the outside pocket for easy access training treats, it is so easy to dip you hand in blind while still looking at your dog. I love the zip pocket to keep my phone, mask, spare pick up bags and eft pos card safe. The larger pocket is where I put my high value recall treats. Such a super efficent system, and great to be able to support something locally made.

That review means a lot coming from you as we know you love smart quality products! :)

Thanks so much as well for explaining how you use it and made it your own.

Treat pouch

My ordered items turned up a couple of days after order which is really great service :-).

Love the new treat pouch. So much more room for the treats as well better room for other non-dog related items needed to carry such as phone and key.

Glad it all arrived promptly and that you love the treat pouch as much as we do! :)

Cptn Feijoa
Great Pouch

I couldn't be happier with this treat pouch. It's really well made and has all the important features. I appreciate drawstring on the main pocket to keep dog out of it when unattended. The additional side pocket with zipper is great for storing your valuables and big enough to fit in phone and keys. Third smaller pocket as a bonus, I use to store waste bags etc. The pouch is definitely worth it's price!

Yay, so glad you like all the features! <3
The fabric tends to wear in over time as well like a favourite pair of jeans, wearing in rather than out. :)